Limit Liability This Winter with These Tips

January, 17, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
As a property owner, you have many things to worry about when it comes to upkeep during the winter months. On the exterior of any buildings that you manage or own, there are additional maintenance requirements for any asphalt pavement lots that may be on the property. The Cassidy Paving team understands the needs of our commercial and industrial customers, which includes professional asphalt service when you need it, even in the winter. When proper steps aren’t taken, there is an enhanced liability for property owners like you. You could be at risk of litigation if your asphalt parking lot or commercial asphalt paving is not in a safe and drivable condition year-round. Here are the ways that you can make sure you are limiting your liability this winter.

How to Limit Liability in Your Parking Lot

Do Preventative Maintenance

Because your asphalt paving lots go through expansion and contraction with the freeze-thaw cycle during the New England winter, you may see changes to your asphalt, especially during the colder months. The best thing you can do to avoid major repairs is to prepare your asphalt lots by doing the required maintenance. Preventative asphalt repair services include at least a yearly inspection for potholes, cracks, drainage issues, and any unevenness. You can do this any time of year to prepare for the worst winter throws at you. If you did not have sealcoating applied upon your pavement installation, you will need to be even more diligent about keeping up with your repairs. If asphalt potholes and cracks are not addressed as soon as possible, these can turn into big issues that put you at increased risk of litigation.


One thing that we often recommend to our commercial asphalt and industrial asphalt customers is to restripe their lots when the lines become faded. The lines on your lot do a lot to keep drivers and pedestrians safe. If those stripes are hard to see or completely gone, you are increasing your liability every day. Restriping does not require an extended amount of time to complete and could save your company thousands of dollars in saved court and legal fees. Making sure your lot is ADA compliant is also very important if you have employees or welcome customers to your property. Cassidy Paving works with you to make striping updates as needed to ensure that everyone that visits your property is safe.

Get Commercial Snow Removal

In the New England winter, snow is unavoidable. Even with feet of snow on your property, we know that work and life must continue as normal. If you have ice and snow blocking your lot or impeding traffic you could be in danger of legal repercussions. The best way to address a snowstorm is with a commercial snowplowing company like Cassidy Paving. When you contract with us for winter storm maintenance our crew will come out before you even have to make a call. Don’t wait for vehicles to get stuck or accidents to happen before you make a snow removal plan. Even though it can be dangerous, having a professional on your side will allow you to keep your property safe.

Hire the Professionals

Don’t wait for someone to call you with a complaint about your asphalt pavement to take care of any issues. The team at Cassidy Paving is here to work with you to make your property safe and avoid any legal action that comes from neglected asphalt pavement lots. No matter what time of year, give us a call at 866-978-9788 to discuss your options and to get a free estimate.
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