Potholes: What They Are and How to Avoid Them

March, 30, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Even if you know nothing about asphalt paving and repair, you’re bound to know what a pothole is. Chances are that you avoid them while driving, but did you know that as a property owner there are things you can do to lessen your chances of getting them altogether? Cassidy Paving understands potholes from the soil up and we know what to look for in potential potholes and how to repair them when they happen.

What Are Potholes?

Pavement Interactive defines potholes as “small, bowl-shaped depressions in the pavement surface that penetrate all the way through the hot mix asphalt layer down to the base course.” Potholes aren’t just an issue on asphalt, though, they can be found on various types of roads and surfaces. Even though potholes are very common, you may be surprised that potholes don’t start at the driving level. Oftentimes it is a failure of the subbase that causes the roadway surface to give way. The National Asphalt Pavement Association says that potholes occur when water infiltrates the surface of the road, weakening the material and lessening its ability to carry the weight of vehicles. The road surface will start to weaken and erode until the pothole formation is present. You need both water and traffic to make a pothole and these are things that simply can’t be avoided. In places like Massachusetts, where we often have harsh and frozen winters, this water infiltration cycle can be exacerbated because frozen water expands and wedges that roadway material even more. Ice makes an already damaged pavement more likely to experience potholes.

How Can I Avoid Potholes?

Avoiding potholes can happen. You don’t have to leave it up to luck. It is really up to you and how meticulous you are willing to be about maintenance and mitigation. A preventative maintenance program is the key to avoiding potholes. We suggest at least a yearly inspection to address any issues that may arise. Outside of maintenance, something that you can do preventatively is making sure your contractor is applying an asphalt seal coating. This seal coat has an invaluable job of protecting against water seepage and pothole formation. It also is known to help protect against harmful UV rays that break down the material over time.

What if I Already Have Potholes?

The US Army Corps of Engineers says that “when potholes develop, prompt action is required to correct the defect before wheels and water combine to increase the size and severity of the defect”. Through our experience, we know that addressing potholes, even singular occurrences, can save you time and money over time. At Cassidy Paving, our pothole repair process treats the potholes and the causes of them. If you are seeing cracks and deterioration, give a certified contractor a call as soon as possible.

Hire the Best

If you’re ready to start your pothole prevention maintenance plan, give Cassidy Paving a call at 866-978-9788. We offer free estimates and have a stellar reputation across the New England area. Our team can help you get on the right track for prevention or even repair what’s already been damaged.
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