Four Qualities of a Well-Planned Retail Parking Lot

June, 17, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
We’ve all been excited about a shopping trip just to get to the store and see the parking lot is a nightmare. Cassidy Paving knows how frustrating this can be for customers and business owners. It does not have to be this way. We can help you create a parking lot that works, looks great, and lasts for years to come. Here are some qualities of a well-planned retail parking lot.

Easy Navigation

One thing many forget about when planning their retail parking lot is easy navigation. An efficient layout should be a top priority for the safety of your customers and the surrounding area. Traffic flow is an important part of providing your customers with an experience that keeps them coming to your store time and time again. Frustrating layouts can mean that a customer may choose to shop elsewhere. Let Cassidy Paving design a parking lot for you that provides a smooth shopping trip from the moment your shoppers enter your lot. Furthermore, a thought out and well designed parking lot could impact the efficiencies and costs of your snow and ice maintenance contracts.

Curb Appeal

Don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. An article from Microsoft says that “a whopping 95 percent of customers in a survey reported that a store’s exterior swayed their choice of where to shop. Two-thirds said they did not visit a store because of how it looked from the street. Simply put, investing in your curb appeal equals an increase in revenue. You want the experience to be top-notch from the outside in with an inviting parking lot. READ MORE: A Good “First Impression” Starts in the Parking Lot

Drainage Systems

Your retail parking lot should always include a drainage plan. This step takes additional planning on behalf of your contractor, but this is what keeps your parking lot functioning for as long as possible. The biggest thing you can do to enhance the longevity and usability of any asphalt pavement is to install the proper drainage features for the surface and subsurface. Water is the arch-enemy of asphalt, so ensure that your contractor has the best plans in place not just for beauty, but functionality as well. READ MORE: Three Tips to Prevent Water Damage From Cracked Asphalt

Safety First

As a retail store, you also need to be aware of the ADA compliance requirements that comes with your parking lot. Safety should be one of the biggest priorities for your customers and staff. Cassidy Paving will work with you to provide asphalt pavement that meets all U.S. Access Board Standards. We will make sure that all curbs, ramps, sidewalks, and walking surfaces are smooth and flow seamlessly so as to not make a hazard for walking or driving.

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