Why Your Curbs Are as Important as Your Parking Lot

June, 05, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Why Your Curbs Are as Important as Your Parking Lot

We all know how important well-maintained parking lot paving is for lowering your liability, keeping your property safe, and ensuring curb appeal. But did you know that curbs play a big part in the overall functionality of your asphalt pavement?

Even the best constructed commercial asphalt parking lot won’t last long if the curbing isn’t well designed. Here are the reasons why you should work with your asphalt paving contractor to make sure your curbs are well designed and maintained throughout the year.

Deterioration Prevention

One of the most significant roles curbs play is in the drainage system of the overall parking lot. The curbs and gutters play a primary role in draining excess water from the blacktop.

The curbs and gutters work in sync to connect the pavement optimally to the drainage system. If your blacktop is new, but the curbs need replacing, it can cause early failure in the overall system.

Gutters are often built on a slope to encourage the water to flow in the direction of the drain. Pavement and curbs must be seamless so that the water will go where it’s supposed to without causing deterioration to the adjacent asphalt. Especially during the rainy New England season, curbs help keep the asphalt paving from untimely erosion.

Parking Lot Safety

An obvious reason for curbs on your parking lot is to direct cars where to park safely. They also encourage traffic flows that make sense for your property and the surrounding area.

Curbs are also essential to guide cars to stay away from sites that aren’t meant for parking. Especially if your parking lot is utilized by commercial motor vehicles, your curbs must be visible and functional to keep heavy loads away from unpaved areas.

Enhanced Aesthetics

There is a reason why you may have heard the term “curb appeal” when referring to the aesthetics of buildings and property, and it does partially have to do with how well you maintain your gutters and curbs.

Proper maintenance of curbs in your parking lot can make or break the overall aesthetic of your business. Poor curb appeal can bring down your property value and drive away customers.

Working with a certified asphalt maintenance company on curb repair and fresh paint can make all the difference.

Repair and Maintenance

Asphalt services that you should keep up-to-date for your parking lot include asphalt repair and maintenance, including your curbs and gutters. Avoiding repairs to your curbs only increases liability and could even be tripping hazards for pedestrians in your parking lot.

Experienced asphalt repair companies like Cassidy Paving can help you address any curb and drainage issues that pose an issue to the overall functionality of your parking lot.

Free Parking Lot Estimates

If you own a business in Massachusetts or Southern New Hampshire, it is important to have a plan in place for your parking lot repair and maintenance. Cassidy Paving offers free estimates for new constructions and restorations of the blacktop and curbs. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 to discuss your commercial or industrial parking lot needs.

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