How to Design the Best Parking Lot

August, 05, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Is your business looking at designing a new parking lot? This can be an exciting, but stressful time if you aren’t quite sure of where to begin. An experienced asphalt paving contractor, like Cassidy Paving, understands all of the ins and outs of designing a parking lot that not only works for you, but fits the budget you have in mind. Here’s a little bit of our design process and what you can expect once the project begins.

What Makes the Best Parking Lot?

Examining the Area

Before any work begins, a qualified paving technician will come out to your property to determine the specifics of your parking lot needs. We will take a look at the soil, the surrounding buildings, traffic flows in the area, and also the drainage options. No two parking lots will ever be built the same, so you should be ready with any information that is special about what you’ll be using the lot for and how you imagine it to flow. You know your needs better than anyone, and Cassidy Paving wants to have a collaborative approach to your parking lot design.

Mapping Your Design

Cassidy Paving will take all of the previously mentioned options into account when putting your design on paper. At the end of the day, safe parking is the number one priority for us. As the Virginia Asphalt Association says, “the primary consideration should be providing the maximum convenient parking capacity with the best use of available space”. They also give guidelines (which professional contractors typically follow anyway) for that optimum use: rectangular areas, parallel parking options, traffic lanes with two rows, and even parking along the perimeter to maximize all the available space. Other things, like drainage and the flow of traffic around your building, will be considered so that those using your parking lot will always have ease of access. With all of these things in mind, we will get the plans made and the permits needed to start your parking lot on time.

Increasing Curb Appeal

Once all of the technical aspects of the job are checked off the list, we will do the best we can to make your parking lot a beautiful extension of your business. Because we know that first impressions mean everything, we ensure that your asphalt pavement is expertly laid and smoothed. Your parking lot lines will also be applied with expert attention to detail. By taking the extra time to increase your curb appeal, you can also be boosting your chances of expanding your business and property value.

Parking Lot Expertise

Not every asphalt paving contractor specializes in high-quality parking lot design, but Cassidy Paving has that covered. We are recommended across Massachusetts for both commercial and residential needs and exceed the Commonwealth of Massachusetts pre-qualification standards. Our team has an impressive combined 108 years of paving crew experience and we are fully insured and bonded. You can receive a free estimate at any time by simply calling us at 866-978-9788, or completing our online service request form.

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