Why Leaf Removal on Your Park Paving Is Essential in the Fall

October, 18, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Fallen leaves on park pavement.

New England parks have plenty to offer residents and tourists year-round, but if there’s one time to visit any of these parks, it’s in autumn. These colorful fall vistas are a major attraction in this region, but those in charge of New England parks know that the season’s beauty comes with caveats – chief among them the hordes of falling leaves that cover the ground and pavement. Letting these leaves pile up on your park pavement won’t do your asphalt or visitors any favors, so now’s the time to make a plan for regularly removing these leaves from your property.

Here’s why investing in ongoing leaf removal on your park’s pavement is so important during fall.

Why Investing in Leaf Removal on Your Park Paving Is Essential in the Fall

Leaves Conceal Pavement Hazards and Issues

Autumn leaves are a sight to behold, even after they’ve left their branches. But enough of these leaves can quickly cover large swaths of ground and asphalt. When this happens, anyone park visitors cannot clearly see what’s going on beneath their feet or vehicles. Parking lots can quickly become danger zones as leaves hide painted lines. Additionally, your park paving might be riddled with bumps, holes, and cracks, but no one will know until they stumble or trip over them. Even if your pavement isn’t hazardous enough to cause trips and falls, leaf-covered asphalt won’t readily reveal issues you might wish to tackle before winter sets in, including cracks and potholes – it’s only after clearing these layers of leaves that you can properly assess your asphalt’s condition.

Fallen Leaves Create Obstacles for Park-Goers

As mentioned above, accidents are more likely to occur at your park when its pavement is covered with leaves. The lack of visibility is a big part of this, but fallen leaves are also hazardous in their own right. Wet leaves pose the biggest risk of all, making surfaces slippery. But even layers of dead leaves can become obstacles for anyone attempting to walk, bike, skate, or rollerblade on paved trails. If you don’t hire leaf removal services to clear these paved surfaces throughout the season, your park’s attendance will drop off, and park-goers will go somewhere that’s better maintained and therefore safer for their activities.

Fall Foliage Contributes to Asphalt Erosion

Asphalt is susceptible to damage and deterioration by several environmental factors, including fallen leaves. These thin, light materials might not seem all that threatening, but consider that they fall in large numbers, adding up to a formidable force of nature. Indeed, after landing on your pavement, leaves can create stains, scratch the surface, and carry moisture, pests, bacteria, and fungal spores with them. If left alone, this onslaught of leaves can mark up and eat away at your park’s asphalt, leaving it even more vulnerable to other environmental threats. And with winter right around the corner, you want to make sure your asphalt is as secure as possible to minimize future asphalt paving and repair costs. Simply keeping leaves off of your park pavement throughout the season can go a long way toward protecting your asphalt in the long run.

Read our blog, “Why Fall Foliage Can Hurt Your Asphalt” for more on this topic.

Don’t Leave Your Park Paving Alone this Autumn

Autumn leaves will fall one way or another, so it’s up to you to keep them off your park’s pavement through regular sweeping, blowing, and cleaning. The experts at Cassidy Paving can answer all of your autumn paving and maintenance concerns. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project!

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