Park Driveways and Paving: Who to Hire for Your Park

May, 11, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Newly paved asphalt in a park

Installing park driveways and paving or re-paving existing sections of asphalt requires careful planning and expert execution. Otherwise, the various parks that New England residents typically enjoy will have a hard time accessing them and/or navigating them safely. So, when it’s time to renovate your park’s pavement, who should you call to get the job done right? Let’s go over a few key attributes to consider when hiring an asphalt contractor for your park.

What to Consider When Hiring an Asphalt Contractor for Your Park

A Contractor with the Right Experience

Though the same type of asphalt may be used for residential, commercial, and municipal projects, this doesn’t mean these various projects are similar in nature. When it comes to park paving, those in charge of repairing and laying down asphalt must adhere to any and all governmental regulations, such as complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The commercial paving contractor you hire must be familiar with these requirements and be both willing and able to make the necessary accommodations. Ideally, your contractor will be pre-qualified for all government paving tasks – this way, you can rest assured that your park will receive the care it needs without extensive oversight, legal hurdles, or mistakes.

A Contractor Who Understands Capital Improvements

Depending on the nature and scope of your park paving project, it might be considered a capital improvement. U.S. tax law dictates that any alteration that, 1) adds significant value to the real property (or extends the real property’s useful life), 2) becomes a permanent part of the real property (i.e., would damage the property if removed), and 3) is intended to become a permanent feature, is designated a capital improvement. So, basic pavement repair and maintenance projects aren’t considered capital improvements – major additions (e.g., new driveways, parking lot extensions, etc.), reconstructions, and drain repairs, on the other hand, might be. It can be tricky to navigate these waters on your own, which is why it helps to work with an asphalt contractor with plenty of experience facilitating capital improvements.

An Efficient Commercial Paving Company

Regardless of your project’s specifics, you’ll want the job to be completed as quickly and safely as possible. Parks are key features in any city or town, and major asphalt repair and paving projects can render sections of them (or the park as a whole) out of commission for extended periods of time. The longer your park remains off-limits, the less traffic you’ll see in the long term, which can, in turn, hurt vendors, sporting communities, event planners, and more. Working with a fast, reliable commercial paving company will minimize your park’s downtime and keep it up and running when it counts most. Indeed, the more qualified and experienced the contractor, the more efficient they’re bound to be.

Call Cassidy Paving for Your Park Paving Needs

Simply put, when it’s time to hire someone to pave or repair your park’s asphalt, go for a contractor that’s experienced in government projects, knowledgeable regarding capital improvements, and efficient. At Cassidy Paving, we’re MassDOT prequalified for highway construction and resurfacing work, so we're prepared to improve and repair municipal paving, including walkways, highways, roadways, park surfaces, and more. We offer fair, competitive bids for city government paving projects, and get those projects done efficiently.

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