Why Keep Park Parking Lots and Heavily Wooded Trails Clear of Leaves and Debris

September, 30, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Freshly cleaned debris on a trail

The fall in New England is breathtaking regardless of if you’re from here or just visiting. While the leaves changing are beautiful to look at, they aren’t always a welcome sign for parking lots and trails. If you’re responsible for maintaining your municipality’s public parks and trails, you should regularly remove leaves and debris to keep your liability low. An overabundance of these organic materials poses some risks. Here is how to handle these issues with a professional asphalt paving contractor appropriately.

What to Know About Debris on Trails

Leaf and Debris Hazards

Although leaves, sticks, and dirt naturally occur in heavily wooded areas, they are not suitable to leave on asphalt and paving for extended amounts of time. Come late September, you will start to see more leaves on your asphalt parking lots, and it doesn’t take much time for the area to be covered entirely. One problem with leaving foliage on your asphalt is that it can stain, leaving your park parking lot looking dingy. However, the biggest issue comes from this debris, causing the extensive breakdown of the sealcoating and subsequent layers. As leaves and limbs decay, they let off organic substances that can quickly erode asphalt paving. Also, dirt and other types of debris act as abrasives. As vehicles drive over the parking lot, you will find more cracks and holes than ever before. Especially in the fall, you need to have your asphalt in top shape to withstand the northeast’s extensive freeze and thaw cycle.

Outside of issues with deterioration and aesthetics, excessive leaves and debris on the walking trails can be a fall hazard for those visiting your wooded walking trails. You should also be mindful of those that ride bicycles and rollerblades in these areas. Just like any other uneven surface, you should be mindful as the park manager of hazards for pedestrians using the trails. The only way to ensure a safe asphalt surface is to keep it free of debris.

Repairing Your Park’s Surfaces

The best way to keep your park safe is by regular parking lot maintenance and walking trail care. If you have noticed issues in your space, just as asphalt potholes, cracks, or peeling, you should call in a professional right away. Excessive amounts of leaves and fall-time debris can both cause new issues and exacerbate existing problems. You should get what you can at the park fixed before it becomes too cold to pave (when the temperature is consistently below 50 degrees). The other thing you should do is have a plan for cleaning surfaces going forward. Park parking lots and wooded trails need both regular sweeping and pressure washing to ensure smooth and safe surfaces for driving and recreational activities.

Expert Parking Lot and Trail Maintenance

When finding a company that provides the best asphalt services for parks, you should be mindful of their track record. Maintaining a park’s asphalt is not the same as other parking lots. At Cassidy Paving, we have decades of experience working with municipalities to provide safe and clean parks and public spaces. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate.

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