Why Hiring an Experienced Contractor Is Essential for Commercial Lots

July, 19, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Commercial parking lot damage

Commercial paving clients have a unique set of circumstances that require expert attention. When you’re looking for an asphalt paving contractor, don’t just settle on the lowest bid. Research and ask questions specific to your parking lot needs before choosing your contractor. And remember, not all asphalt companies specialize in commercial paving. Here are some reasons why hiring a commercial paving contractor is essential to receive the best results.

It's Not Your Typical Paving Job

As a property manager for a commercial building, you have complex needs compared to residential pavement. The sheer number of people that use your lot makes the role of your asphalt maintenance company more complicated. Additional application and compaction steps are necessary to ensure that your lot can withstand heavy loads. There is no one size fits all approach with commercial parking lots or driveways. Therefore, a company that does a lot of residential asphalt paving may not be as familiar with the demands of your commercial asphalt.

You also want to hire an asphalt and paving contractor that understands the need for your building to make a great first impression. After all, negative first impressions can affect your bottom line. Fresh-looking blacktop and seamless curbs don’t happen by chance and require upkeep with a paving team that gets the importance for your business.

Liability and Law

Because you’re a business owner, you have an increased level of liability. Not only is this true inside your building, but it also extends to the commercial lot as well. There are federal paving guidelines that must be followed to keep your property in compliance. Your asphalt installers should have a complete understanding of the U.S. Access Board Guide to ADA Accessibility. You will need accessible parking spaces painted correctly, ramps and curbs, and accessible routes.

Furthermore, there should be no protruding objects in these areas. While your commercial paving company should ensure these are met, the liability falls back to you if they fail to do so. Don’t take a gamble with an inexperienced contractor when the safety of pedestrians and drivers on your property is at stake.

Year-Round Service Requirements

When your asphalt and paving project is complete, the work isn’t done. The company you hire should have a plan in place for your asphalt maintenance services well before the initial project is complete. Only experienced crews know that specific tasks must be completed year-round to keep your commercial lot functional, including asphalt pothole and crack repair. You will also need snow shoveling services come wintertime in New England. You should never have to guess what the next step is as the customer.

Expert Commercial Paving

Cassidy Paving has decades of commercial and industrial paving experience. We know what it takes to have a parking lot that looks great year-round and is safe for your customers and staff. If you're located in the Massachusetts or New Hampshire areas, and you are ready to start your next paving project, give us a call today at 866-978-9788 or contact us here for a free estimate.

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