Why an Asphalt Paving Contractor Is a Property Manager's Best Friend

March, 26, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Many property managers across New England are making their jobs harder by not having an asphalt paving contractor on standby. Cassidy Paving has created lasting relationships with many property managers in the area, and we hope to extend this same level of partnership to you. There are many reasons why you might find yourself calling in an asphalt professional throughout the year. Here are some of those reasons and what we can do to help in your time of need.

Why Property Managers Use Asphalt Contractors

Potholes and Cracks

Sometimes we only hear from property managers when they require some asphalt paving repair. Most commonly, we come out to address asphalt potholes and cracks. Especially in the springtime, you may find an increased number of holes in your parking spaces and throughout your lot. This is normal, and we can do some quick patching and filling if there aren’t any other lingering issues. We know that you cannot afford to dedicate much downtime when it comes to the traffic for your property, so our team can work with you on the appropriate scheduling that works best for you, your business, and your bottom line.

Asphalt Milling and Reclamation

If you’re looking at more widespread damage than just a few potholes and cracks, you might need to consider a procedure to cover more area. Asphalt milling and reclamation is an excellent option for property managers looking to save money on commercial repairs. Unlike a total replacement, milling only takes asphalt down to a certain depth and does not interfere with the subbase. Reclamation is similar because it allows customers to take the removed asphalt layers and have them manufactured into recycled asphalt. This asphalt is then brought back to the site and applied as fresh blacktop. This saves a lot of time and money for those looking to have a smooth lot without shutting down access for a totally new replacement and losing money due to loss of business.

Visual Upgrades

As a property manager, you have many people in and out of your facility daily; therefore, it is crucial to have your asphalt paving stripes updated to avoid liability issues from lack of effective line striping. When line striping isn't up-to-date, there will be confusion about where to drive, how to park, and it can hinder traffic flow, causing liability to other drivers and pedestrians. You want to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible when they are on your property. Updating your striping and accounting for ADA compliance should be at the top of mind for a business owner. Let Cassidy Paving help you upgrade all of your property’s visual aspects so that you can avoid fault when or if an accident happens.

Let’s Make Friends

If you’re a property manager in need of a partner in the asphalt and paving business, give us a call today at 866-978-9788. We work with managers just like you all across New England. We offer free estimates on our asphalt services, and our work is both certified and insured to protect your investment.
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