What Happens When Your Active Commercial Parking Lot Needs Full Depth Reconstruction

March, 19, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Your business’ parking lot must contend with variable weather conditions, consistent vehicle activity, and more. As the asphalt wears down, your parking lot becomes less stable, creating hazards for cars and pedestrians alike. Minor cracks and potholes can be patched up, but deeper and more widespread damage must be dealt with in a more comprehensive manner. Full depth reconstruction projects remove all of the existing asphalt, grinding down to the parking lot’s very foundation before replacing the base material and repaving the surface. A project this extensive can be difficult to pull off in high-traffic areas. So, proper planning is essential. Here’s what will happen if your active commercial parking lot requires a full depth reconstruction.

Professionals Will Assess Your Parking Lot

Before anything, you must make sure that full depth pavement reconstruction is the way to go for your commercial parking lot. Such a project shouldn’t be taken lightly considering its cost and duration. Receiving a professional assessment of your parking lot will give you an idea of what steps are necessary for getting your parking lot back in shape. In some cases, parking lots can be restored with basic cut and patch repairs. Other times, parking lot milling is enough – this process replaces the top layer of asphalt, so it’s less invasive than a full depth reconstruction. If, on the other hand, your parking lot sustains significant damage and/or faces drainage issues, a full depth reconstruction might be necessary.

People Will Need to Park Elsewhere Temporarily

If a full depth reconstruction is indeed on the table, you must inform employees, customers, and other occupants about the upcoming project. After all, your parking lot won’t be usable for several days (if not weeks or more) as asphalt contractors work on restoring its foundation and surface. Maintaining strong communication will minimize frustration, ensure safety, and prevent any interference that will prolong the project. Ideally, you’ll allow occupants to park elsewhere in the meantime – make sure they know where this is and that they’re authorized to park there.

Water Lines Might Need Fixing

Parking lot repair isn’t the only goal associated with a full depth reconstruction. While contractors are down in the depths of your parking lot, they will inspect water lines and other drainage components to ensure everything is operational. If they discover an issue, it’s imperative to repair or replace these components. Otherwise, your parking lot will remain vulnerable to interior deterioration, and you’ll wind up investing in significant restoration again not too far in the future.

Your Parking Lot Won’t Be Ready to Use Again Right Away

Even after your commercial paving contractors have completed the full depth reconstruction, occupants will have to wait a little while longer to use your lot once more. It can take several days for fresh pavement to fully dry, and jumping the gun can create ruts and dips. All in all, then, your parking lot might be out of commission for more than a week. As such, the best time to invest in a full depth reconstruction is when your facility undergoes a prolonged shutdown, if applicable.

Fully Prepared for a Full Depth Reconstruction?

In many cases, commercial parking lots can be restored with less extensive asphalt services like cut and patch repairs, overlaying, and milling. But if your parking lot requires a full depth reconstruction, it pays to be prepared. At Cassidy Paving, we use the best equipment and techniques to tackle all New England asphalt projects as efficiently as possible. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt repair project.

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