Is Parking Lot Milling Right for My Spring Project?

March, 10, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

As spring gradually graces New England this year, asphalt surfaces all over will reveal cracks, potholes, and other signs of winter-related damage. Even if you stayed on top of snow removal and asphalt maintenance this winter, odds are parts of your parking lot could use patching up. You won’t want to wait too long to make these repairs, either, as spring rain will only exacerbate existing problems. There are many ways to approach parking lot repair, and the best remedy will depend on multiple factors, including how deep and widespread the damage is. Asphalt milling (also called cold planing) is one of these options, offering a happy medium between basic patch repairs and more invasive reconstructions. The only question remaining: is parking lot milling right for your spring project?

Let’s explore the parking lot milling process, its benefits, and when it’s worth considering for pavement restoration.

Breaking Down Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is the process by which the top layer of asphalt is removed via grinding to leave behind a grooved surface that’s prime for resurfacing. The milled material is recycled into an aggregate that can later be reused on other projects as a base material. In most cases, milling only removes between one and two inches of asphalt, which is typically enough to fully remove the level of deterioration in question.

The Many Benefits of Milling

Milling has become a popular choice for parking lot restoration for more reasons than one. For starters, the process is completed in relatively short order. Unlike a full depth reconstruction (which grinds down asphalt to its foundation), milling is only concerned with eliminating the top layer of asphalt, which inherently saves time, reducing disruptions at your facility. Minimizing this downtime also saves you money, as you’re able to resume normal operations much quicker than you would in the event of a full-depth reconstruction project. Milling is often more efficient than cut and patch repair jobs, too, especially if several potholes are scattered across your lot – simply put, milling provides your parking lot with a clean slate, whereas cut and patch repair projects require resolving one issue at a time.

Asphalt milling is also capable of addressing a wide range of pavement concerns, which we’ll discuss next.

When Is Parking Lot Milling the Right Choice?

Determining which asphalt services you should invest in this spring relies on understanding what different processes have to offer and when they’re best deployed. As for milling, this process is used for many pavement repair and restoration projects, including but not limited to:

  • Removing sags and depressions
  • Removing surface damage
  • Patching parking lots and preparing them for paving
  • Repairing roadway sections where utility work has recently been completed
  • Creating rumble strips for traffic and roadway safety

If your parking lot could benefit from any of the applications listed above, milling might be right for your spring project. You should also consider milling if your parking lot features widespread but mild to moderate deterioration, you’re on a strict budget and/or timeline, or you have a lot of surface area to cover.

At Cassidy Paving, milling is just one of many commercial paving solutions we offer our clients across New England. We can help you decide which services are best suited for your parking lot’s needs this spring and beyond. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt repair project.

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