Spring Commercial Paving Overview

February, 14, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 4 min read

Spring is on its way to New England, even if it still feels eons away. The season of renewal is also when commercial asphalt companies spring back to life as their calendars quickly fill up with post-winter repair and repaving projects. Cassidy Paving works year-round, but we see the biggest surge in activity when things get warmer. So, the sooner you plan your commercial paving project with us, the better. Let’s go over the many commercial paving and repair services we offer our customers in preparation for the busy season ahead.

Full Depth Reconstruction

When your pavement is severely damaged, basic repairs won’t be enough to bring it back to life. Instead, you may need to start from scratch via full depth reconstruction. During a full depth reconstruction project, we will remove existing asphalt paving or concrete, replace the base material, and completely repave the surface. If the cause of pavement damage was from issues related to drainage, sewage, or water lines, we will also take this opportunity to inspect, repair, and/or replace these key features. Ultimately, your facility will be left with a driveway or parking lot that’s smooth, appealing, and better fortified against regular use and environmental wear and tear.

Reclamation/Pulverize and Grade

If the damage to your asphalt or concrete is significant but not severe enough to warrant full depth reconstruction, you might consider pulverizing/reclamation instead. This offering of ours is focused on grinding and removing layers of pavement, then reusing the ground down materials as a recycled base. From there, fresh pavement can be laid on the new foundation without the need for extensive milling, digging, or further grinding. Pulverizing and reclamation are optimal when your pavement requires up to 10 inches of grinding and resurfacing. Though not as intensive as full depth reconstruction, this process makes for a much more stable surface while keeping costs low and reducing excess material waste.


The busiest sections of your driveway or parking lot will wear down quicker than other parts. If the damage remains localized and relatively mild, you might invest in overlaying or resurfacing for a quick and easy restoration. This process refers to patching a stretch of asphalt and using the existing layers as a base for the new asphalt – no grinding necessary.

Cut and Patch Repairs

Minor issues like cracks, potholes, and uneven areas can often be addressed with simple cut and patch repairs. As its name suggests, this process consists of two phases: cutting and patching. Take a basic asphalt pothole repair, for instance. First, the existing pavement damage is removed entirely. After that, the empty space is filled with fresh paving to restore the asphalt to its original condition. Cut and patch paving is ideal for isolated asphalt deterioration. Compared to other types of commercial parking lot repair, cutting and patching is low-cost, minimally invasive, and highly efficient.

Milling/Cold Planing

Our last spring commercial paving offering, milling (or cold planing) can transform both the look and condition of large sections of pavement without extensive reconstruction and with less facility downtime. During this process, our milling machine removes the top layer of damaged asphalt, leaving behind a grooved surface. The removed asphalt is then crushed into an aggregate, which can later be used on other projects as an alternative base material. A new asphalt layer can be easily applied over the milled surface, eliminating any prior sagging or surface damage. Milling saves your commercial facility both time and money, especially when you need to make repairs or improvements over a large area.

Springing Forward to Commercial Paving Solutions

As the days get longer and the snow starts to melt, you’ll want to inspect your pavement and determine which services it may require this spring. Work with an asphalt paving company that offers comprehensive commercial paving services so all your bases are covered. Cassidy Paving can’t wait to tackle another spring season in New England. Call us today at 866-978-9788 to receive a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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