What Are the Most Common Asphalt Flaws for New England Businesses?

February, 04, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
New England business owners have a lot on their plate when it comes to parking lot maintenance. Chances are, if you own a business, you have a parking lot or asphalt pavement somewhere near your building. The climate that we see in the northeast can be especially harsh on asphalt, whether it is a parking lot or an industrial lot. Here are the signs of common flaws you should look for when deciding if you should call in a parking lot repair company for help.

Most Common Asphalt Flaws in New England

Asphalt Cracking

Cracking in various degrees and forms is very common in asphalt paving. During the wintertime, you may even see an increase in the amount or size of existing cracks due to the freeze-thaw cycle that asphalt pavement goes through with the fluctuation of temperature. Asphalt Magazine outlines the various types of cracks as fatigue, block, edge, longitudinal, transverse, reflection, and slippage cracking. Each has a distinctive pattern but are very usual outcomes of climate changes, load-bearing, and even sometimes subbase malfunctioning.

Asphalt Distortion

There are various types of asphalt distortion that can occur and are often noticeable right away. When this flaw occurs it often has to do with what’s going on underneath the blacktop. Your foundation/subbase plays a critical role in preserving the usability of your asphalt pavement. There are various routine ways that asphalt can warp over time. The most common of these is rutting, shoving, depressions, or upheaval. These may be issues that you see progress over time or come all at once.

Asphalt Disintegration

As asphalt contractors, our team at Cassidy Paving has seen all kinds of the disintegration of asphalt parking lots and other asphalt structures. You often see this breakdown in the material near the edges or where there is the most traffic on the premises. New England businesses that see a lot of vehicular traffic are especially susceptible to these issues. With disintegration, the pavement will break into smaller and smaller pieces over time. This type of asphalt flaw also includes asphalt potholes.

Fixing the Flaws

If you’re a business owner or property manager that has found any of the above flaws anywhere on your asphalt surfaces, professional asphalt contracts can help. There are a variety of asphalt repair solutions that range from temporary fixes to complete redesign. These are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the number of asphalt flaws and how serious they are. Cassidy Paving can even come to inspect your business lot in the winter to help you avoid the springtime rush for asphalt services. This inspection and estimate process is entirely free for our potential customers. We will work with you to understand exactly what is happening and give you an expert opinion on what we can do to rectify the situation before it becomes a bigger liability for your business.

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