Park Paving: Top 3 Projects to Do This Summer

June, 02, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
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As the warmer weather makes its way across New England, residents and tourists will flood the region’s many parks and trails. In preparation for this surge in activity, local parks services and facility managers must ensure that roads, driveways, parking lots, and trails are secure. Otherwise, a particular park might see fewer visitors and an increase in liabilities. Fortunately, summer is the perfect time for asphalt paving and repairs thanks to the warmer weather and longer days. If park paving is under your purview, here are three crucial projects to consider this summer.

Top 3 Park Paving Projects for the Summer

1. Restore Park Trails

Different parks feature different types of trails depending on their location, size, and more. Dirt trails are commonplace in parks that encourage hiking, mountain biking, and birdwatching. Asphalt pavement is preferable for parks intent on cycling, rollerblading, skateboarding, jogging, and extensive walking. After a long, harsh New England winter, some amount of pavement repair will likely be required to keep these asphalt trails in prime condition for these various activities. Minor cracks in the pavement might not pose a major threat to park visitors, but they will expand and deepen over time if not promptly filled. Larger cracks, potholes, divots, and bumps must be addressed as well, as these can pose major safety hazards for pedestrians, cyclists, and more. Depending on the extent of pavement damage, you might invest in cut and patch repairs, overlaying, asphalt milling, or full-depth reconstruction. The more proactive your repairs and maintenance work, the fewer problems your park will experience.

2. Resurface Parking Lots

Your park’s trails might be the primary surfaces used by visitors. However, most visitors will first have to park their vehicles on the premises before enjoying everything it has to offer. If your park’s parking lot is uneven and riddled with potholes, fewer people will be able to enjoy the park, and some potential visitors might go elsewhere – this speaks to the importance of repairing park driveways and paving or repaving parking lots. Just like trail repair and maintenance, parking lot repair might involve cutting and patching, resurfacing, milling, or reconstructing depending on its current condition. You’ll want to invest in these repairs early in the season to allow for the most activity all summer long. If possible, try to offer park visitors alternative parking solutions while you restore your main parking lot(s).

3. Sealcoat for Summer Activity and Beyond

Blacktop sealcoating is an important task following any asphalt paving project. This extra layer of protection shields asphalt surfaces from UV rays, moisture, chemicals, oil, and other threats, extending their lifespan. Generally speaking, sealcoating is best done about six months after fresh asphalt has been laid down – in other words, if you repave your park trails, parking lots, and/or driveways this spring or summer, you might not sealcoat until later in the fall. Of course, you might end up sealcoating your asphalt this summer if you’ve only performed minor repairs. Experts recommend sealcoating asphalt surfaces every 2-3 years depending on how much use a particular surfaces receives. For busy parks, annual sealcoating might be advised.

Protect Your Park for Maximum Enjoyment

Paving season is approaching its peak as it does every summer. Make sure your park’s asphalt surfaces receive the care they deserve. Cassidy Paving is MassDOT prequalified for highway construction and resurfacing work, so we're prepared to improve and repair municipal paving, including walkways, highways, roadways, and more. We also install ADA-compliant curbs and ramps wherever required so everyone can enjoy what New England has to offer regardless of mobility.

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