Now’s the Time for Optimal Summer Asphalt Installation

July, 20, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Even though the sun is scorching and often too hot to enjoy the outdoors, summertime is actually the best time of the year to pave. The team at Cassidy Paving knows that the weather does have a drastic effect on how well your asphalt paving project goes. The warmer the better. Here’s some of the science behind why the blistering summer sun is the optimal time for asphalt installation. We get out in the heat so that you don’t have to.

Watch the Temperature

Asphalt requires a certain temperature to be installed properly. The best time of the year to pave is when the temperatures are consistently over 70° Fahrenheit. Hot mix asphalt is dependent on warm conditions. If it cools too quickly our team won’t be able to apply it. The Spruce says that “generally, for thin applications of asphalt (around 1 1/2 inches) you will want to wait until the temperatures are at 70° F or better”. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect temperature to start your project you won’t find a better time than right now in the summer months.

The Importance of Temperature

Not only does the warm temperature make it easier to use the asphalt materials, but it also is crucial to the longevity of your pavement. If the weather is too cold, then the asphalt will not compact or cure appropriately. In the cooler weather, our crew is pressed for workable time because the hot mix gets too cold to manipulate in a short time. This is usually 15 minutes at a time in the best-case scenario. It may take twice as long to repair or apply than it would if the project had been done in the summer.

Recognizing the Issues

Summer is also the best time of year for asphalt installation because this is when you’ll see what really has been going on with your subsurface throughout the winter. If there was any trapped water that froze underneath your asphalt in the winter, it will most likely present as a pothole or crack in the summer. The frozen water will expand the surface and subsurface, but when it warms back to a thaw it contracts. This is really bad news for your asphalt pavement. The Cassidy Paving team can provide you with a thorough evaluation of your surface layer, drainage, and subsurface to make sure that nothing will be missed. We will repair those areas during the summer so that a complete view of the entire paving system is in its most vulnerable state.

Book a Service Now

At Cassidy Paving, we love the summer months because that means we can install asphalt exactly how it should be. Months with these temperatures are prime paving time and the extra sunlight also allows us to work well into the evening to complete projects. This saves you time and money. If you’re ready for your free project estimate, give us a call today at 866-978-9788. We specialize in providing the best asphalt paving services in Massachusetts.
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