How Proper Park Paving Will Impact Your City Capital Improvement Project

March, 08, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

The New England area is rich with a variety of citywide parks. Whether commercially focused like Central Square in Keene, NH or rich with greenery like Boston’s Public Garden, park-goers need reliable paths to fully enjoy what these spaces have to offer. In many ways, these parks are the heart of any city, which means high-quality asphalt and concrete are necessary for keeping a city alive and well. Here’s how investing in proper park paving can positively impact your city capital improvement projects.

Keep City Residents Safe and Happy

A city that takes care of its citizens is more likely to succeed. The converse of this statement is true, too. If municipalities neglect their public spaces, people may begin to feel unsafe navigating these areas. Deteriorated pavement is more than just an eyesore – it’s also a hazard for anyone walking, biking, or operating a motor vehicle. City parks that keep up with pavement repair encourage residents to visit frequently, building a safer, happier, more connected community.

Allow for Increased Traffic

The most popular parks in a given city must be able to comfortably handle large amounts of traffic, especially on weekends and during summers. If park driveways and pavement are too narrow, poorly designed, and/or falling apart, the park can quickly become a danger zone, riddled with accidents and frustration. These traffic concerns become even more significant for parks that regularly host events. Cities that wish to capitlize on large events must maintain and in some cases expand their driveways and parking lots to maximize capacity and revenue. Proper park paving takes all of this into consideration, providing safe and spacious zones for vehicular and foot traffic.

Encourage More Local Participation

The two perks of proper park paving mentioned above (increased safety and improved traffic) ultimately contribute to increased community participation. Safe, vibrant parks become hotbeds for communal and commercial activity, providing a city with more movement, revenue, and opportunities. Local businesses and venues greatly benefit from this increased activity as well. Never underestimate the power of sturdy, beautiful pavement in bringing an entire community back to life.

Attract More Tourists

Locals aren’t the only people a city should try to reach, of course. Tourism is a major factor in a city’s annual revenue. Governmental and commercial paving plays a huge role in attracting tourists, too. Travelers are much more likely to visit a city filled with images of fresh-looking parks – they’re also more likely to recommend such a place to their friends, family, and colleagues. Simply put, the quality and condition of a park’s pavement is closely linked to its reputation (and that of the city as a whole).

Work with a Commercial Paving Company Qualified for Government Projects

In short, proper park paving elevates a city by providing safer paths for citizens, increasing important space for event traffic, promoting community participation, and bringing more people into the city. Those in charge of city capital improvement projects must work with paving contractors who are qualified to handle government projects. As a local Haverhill, MA commercial and industrial paving company, Cassidy Paving is proud of our qualifications and expertise in city government paving work. We are committed to the highest standards of service, safety, and compliance in every municipal paving service.

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