Mill and Overlay vs. Full-Depth Reconstruction

February, 26, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
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All asphalt surfaces deteriorate over time. The severity of this deterioration and the speed with which you address these concerns will dictate which measures are necessary for restoring your asphalt to its former glory. Some situations will call for some degree of milling while others might only require overlaying. A full-depth reconstruction is usually a property owner’s last resort when it comes to restoring their asphalt. Let’s break down the differences between milling, overlaying, and full-depth reconstruction projects and discuss the benefits of each option.

The Difference in Milling and Overlay

Milling and Overlay

Milling simply refers to the process by which the top layers of asphalt are ground down to smooth out the rough, deteriorated surface – in most cases, milling grinds away about one or two inches of asphalt from the top. The milled asphalt is then collected and recycled into new asphalt that can be used in part to create a new, smooth, sturdy surface. This process of applying fresh asphalt over the recently milled surface is known as overlaying or resurfacing. All in all, milling and overlay projects take relatively little time to complete, and the restored asphalt is ready for use just a few days after project completion to allow for proper curing. Because milling and overlaying only removes an inch or two of the asphalt’s surface, it’s ideal for restoring pavement that’s undergone mild to moderate deterioration. Grinding further into the asphalt isn’t necessary in these cases and would only cost more time and money.

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Full-Depth Reconstruction

As its name implies, a full-depth reconstruction involves digging down deeper into the existing asphalt and rebuilding it from the ground up. Milling is also involved in these projects, but in this case, milling machines grind asphalt down to its base layer rather than merely removing one or two inches off the top. The base layer is then pulverized or blended for increased stability. And because contractors can reach the foundation, any drainage or sewage issues can be addressed at this time as well. From there, repaving resumes until the surface is restored and stronger than before. A full-depth reconstruction naturally requires more time and effort to complete, but it may be necessary if the existing pavement or its underlying components are severely damaged. Indeed, in these cases, basic pavement repair won’t be enough to ensure that a road, driveway, or parking lot remains secure.

Which Commercial Paving Solution Is Right for Your Property?

Both milling/overlay and full-depth reconstruction offer viable, enduring solutions for bringing your asphalt pavement back to life. The main difference between these two renovations is how deep the milling machine has to go to ensure stability. Milling and overlay is less invasive and more cost-effective, whereas full-depth reconstruction is more comprehensive and costly. So, the best option for your pavement depends on its condition and your budget. Fortunately, the experts at Cassidy Paving handle both of these key tasks and much more. Let us help you determine which asphalt restoration measures are optimal for your New England property.

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