Why Keeping Up with Park Paving Is Essential Year Round

August, 10, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 4 min read

New England is known for many things, including its vast array of parks. The natural wonders of this region lend themselves to some of the world’s most renowned national parks, such as Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest and Massachusetts’ Cape Cod National Seashore. People can also enjoy smaller urban and suburban parks throughout these six states. Sites such as these are regular destinations for residents and tourists alike. Of course, their ongoing success depends on continuous upkeep, which includes adequate park paving, maintenance, and repair through all seasons.

Here’s why keeping up with park paving and repair is essential year-round.

Different Seasons, Different Problems

Asphalt faces many environmental threats, including wind, moisture, sunlight, pests, traffic, harsh temperatures, and more. Each season brings forth a particular host of issues that contribute to pavement deterioration. There’s the snows of winter, the sudden surge of spring activity, the scalding summer sun, and autumn’s wet, windblown debris. Put simply; asphalt surfaces never enjoy a reprieve – they’re always in harm’s way to some degree. Certain seasons are harsher than others, but a park’s pavement requires season-specific attention throughout the year in order to remain tough enough to handle what comes next. Pothole repair, for example, is an important task to tackle shortly after winter, so the spring rain doesn’t exacerbate these issues; cold patching during the winter can help pavement get through the rest of the cold season; the list goes on.

Pave when the Time Is Right

While it’s imperative to keep tabs on your park’s pavement year-round, many asphalt tasks can only be performed during a particular window of time. More specifically, asphalt paving can only be done between spring and mid-to-late fall when temperatures are warm enough, and the ground is dry. If a park’s asphalt surfaces desperately need to be repaved, it’s crucial to get the job done before this window closes. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait another several months before outdoor conditions allow the project to move forward – by then, winter conditions (namely the freeze/thaw cycle) will have done severe damage.

Encourage Park Use All Year Long

Some parks are strictly seasonal. Many parks, however, can be enjoyed throughout the year. If, however, said park’s pavement isn’t well cared for, those who wish to use it will have a harder time getting the most out of this space if they can even access a decent parking spot. Without ongoing asphalt maintenance, a park that’s otherwise always open to the public can become too cumbersome for people to enjoy during any season (winter, especially). Driveways, parking lots, and paved walking trails must be sturdy, smooth, and visible at all times for everyone’s benefit.

Ensure Visitor Safety

Not only should guests feel welcome entering a public park – they should also feel safe when navigating it. Even a single pothole can result in serious accidents and injuries. Keeping up with park paving year-round maximizes safety outcomes, reducing the risks of vehicular damage, slips, trips, and falls.

Keep Up Appearances

Whether under the purview of a public or private entity, a park’s appearance is a direct reflection of its community. People take pride in their parks, and they’re more likely to continue supporting those parks that make a concerted effort to stay clean and aesthetically pleasing. This is where ongoing landscape paving comes in. Keeping asphalt surfaces in good shape is one thing, but getting it expertly done with aesthetics in mind can bring a park to the next level. Indeed, the quality and artistry of asphalt paving services can separate the decent parks from the must-see attractions in any state, city, or town.

Taking Perpetual Care of Park Pavement

Asphalt needs ongoing attention to remain stable, appealing, and safe for use. The commercial paving pros at Cassidy Paving also tackle municipal paving projects, including park paving and more. If you need help keeping up with commercial asphalt maintenance, call us today at 866-978-9788!

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