What Time of the Year Should a Facility Manager Work with Asphalt Installers?

July, 02, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Your facility’s asphalt surfaces must perform well year-round. That said, some seasons are more accommodating of asphalt repairs, maintenance, and installations than others, especially in a variable climate like New England. Developing a schedule for pavement maintenance will help facility managers steer clear of issues that they can’t easily solve in the dead of winter. Put simply; timing is everything. Here are some considerations all facility managers should make when determining the best time of year to work asphalt installers.

Challenges with Asphalt Installation

In a perfect world, asphalt installation could be completed in the blink of an eye, no matter the outdoor temperature or weather conditions. Unfortunately, any project involving asphalt must take multiple factors into account to ensure its success. As mentioned above, the time of year is one such factor. While asphalt can be laid in 50 ºF conditions (though not lower than that), it’s best performed when temperatures are at or above 70 ºF. In New England, these warmer days tend to occur from mid-late spring through early fall. Asphalt should only be laid in dry conditions, too, so seasonal storms can throw a wrench in the works.

Of course, weather and seasonality aren’t the only issues facility managers must keep in mind. Proper scheduling is crucial, too. Even if you aim to hire asphalt installers during the spring or summer, you don’t want these projects to interfere with your facility’s operations. In this sense, the right time of year to hire asphalt contractors partially depends on your facility’s unique schedule as well as the project’s scope – a full depth reconstruction, for instance, is much more labor-intensive and time-consuming than a resurfacing or milling project.

Don’t Forget About Demand

Whether or not you can even hire the asphalt paving contractor of your choice isn’t fully in your control either. Asphalt installation/repair is a seasonal business, so contractors can quickly fill up their books for the spring and summer before you get a chance to schedule services. So, if you want to work with asphalt installers in the spring or summer, be sure to reach out to contractors well in advance (say, 2-3 months, if possible). As such, you might find yourself contacting a reputable asphalt expert during the winter, so you’re locked in for the spring or summer.

Taking Advantage of Longer Days

Spring and summer aren’t just ideal for asphalt installation because of their warmer temperatures – they also offer prolonged daylight. These longer days allow asphalt contractors to work more efficiently and accommodate a greater volume of clients. A facility that’s in dire need of asphalt parking lot repair will be able to enjoy a restored surface much quicker when done during the summer since workers can start earlier and work later if necessary. The same logic applies to all asphalt projects, including inspections, installations, maintenance tasks, etc.

The Verdict

For all the reasons mentioned above, spring and summer are generally the best times for facility managers to work with asphalt installers. There are some caveats, of course, such as scheduling issues due to high demand for asphalt paving installation, occasional rainfall, and so on. For the most part, however, you’ll find that the most efficient and successful asphalt projects are done when the weather is warm and the days are long. Cassidy Paving is eager to work with facility managers all season long and beyond.

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