Three Tips to Protect Your Pavement From Winter Weather

October, 05, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
As the temperatures start to drop across New England, it’s time to begin to think about preparing your pavement for the winter. Your asphalt will take a beating in the tough winter weather and Cassidy Paving can prepare it for the worst. Don’t leave this important part of your home or business to chance. Here are the top three things you can do before winter begins.

Clean Debris

The only way to make sure that your asphalt comes out of a freeze in the best condition possible is to make sure you leave it clean and clear as winter falls. It is important that you clear any debris on the asphalt so that as the temperatures begin to freeze, issues are not exacerbated. The best thing to do is power wash the entire area. This will remove dirt, grime, and any build-up. The thing about debris is that it can hide issues such as cracks and potholes that you wouldn’t even know to fix. This could lead to even bigger issues that you overlooked because of the debris buildup. Another reason to clear out this debris is that anything left on top will freeze and add weight that can damage your asphalt during the long freeze and thaw cycles to come. If properly cleaned, your asphalt will be in pristine condition as the temperature warms up in the new year.

Fix Potholes and Cracks

If you know there are potholes, cracks, and other issues with your asphalt, you need to address those right away. Fall is not too late to get these concerns addressed. Those potholes and cracks will only get worse as the temperatures cool. Because asphalt expands and contracts with the temperatures, if there are inconsistencies caused by debris will cause more damage as the asphalt will adjust around the debris. These adjustments will cause even larger potholes and cracks and time goes on since the asphalt is making accommodations for the debris. Ignoring these things won’t make them go away, they will only get worse. Save your budget and your stress levels by fixing them before they become a large hazard.

A Coat for Your Asphalt

You aren’t the only one that will need a coat this winter. Your asphalt will have a better chance at surviving even the coldest weather with a fresh layer of sealcoat. If it has been over 2 years since your last sealcoating, it could be time to give a professional paving contractor a call. The only way to know if you would benefit from this service is to get a professional out to inspect. Also, if you noticed cracks after you cleared the debris, a sealer will be the best solution to get through a cold winter. Sealcoating needs at least 50-degree Fahrenheit to cure properly, so don’t wait to get this done!

Let’s Get Winter Ready

The team at Cassidy Paving wants to be your partner in the asphalt business. Our goal is to provide you asphalt paving services that can withstand even the coldest of winters. Before we head into the later part of the year, let’s get your driveway or parking lot ready. The best thing you can do for your asphalt investment and your budget is to protect it from the elements. Give us a call today at 966-978-9788 for a free estimate.
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