The Top 4 Things to Understand About Pavement Repair and Your Business

July, 09, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Pavement repair in a commercial parking lot

It’s easy to take pavement for granted. Without properly paved asphalt, however, we’d have a hard time getting around or comfortably parking anywhere. So, your business’ pavement deserves just as much attention as its other features. But just because you appreciate your asphalt’s importance doesn’t mean you’ll know what to do about it all the time. Here are the top four things to understand about investing in pavement repair projects for your business.

Top Four Things to Know About Investing in Pavement Repair Projects

1. Pavement Maintenance Is Essential for Your Operation

The first thing to understand about pavement repair is that it’s an inevitability if you want to maintain your business's curb appeal, safety rating, and reputation. All asphalt surfaces wear down over time due to environmental stress (e.g., pressure, UV exposure, moisture intrusion, abrasion, etc.). Allowing your parking lot or driveway to deteriorate will have multiple negative implications for your enterprise. For starters, a beaten up, faded, bumpy lot will turn people away from your business. Moreover, loyal customers and employees will have a harder time safely entering and exiting your property. Before long, your tattered and torn pavement can begin taking a toll on your building as well, making way for more aggressive moisture intrusion and other issues. All of these issues translate to an increase in long-term costs and a decrease in profits. Protect your bottom line by repairing your pavement when necessary.

2. There Are Many Pavement Repair Methods

Not all pavement repairs are created equal. With so many variables threatening your asphalt, there’s no one way to resolve potential problems. A pothole repair project might work well for a business with minimal and isolated pavement issues, but milling, overlay, or full-depth reconstruction might be in order for more widespread and severe damage. It’s important to understand your asphalt’s needs and the options before you, so you invest in the optimal repairs for your particular situation.

3. Asphalt Repair Requires Time, Money, and Resources

It should come as no surprise that parking lot or driveway pavement repair doesn’t come free. That said, many business owners and property managers don’t have the best idea of what such a project will actually cost or how long it will take. Once again, the precise numbers depend on many factors, such as the type of repairs in order, the surface area in question, your business’s location, and so on. It’s always best to compare multiple estimates before choosing a contractor to better craft a budget and schedule that works for your operation. Failing to plan accordingly can result in major financial burdens and disruptions that put your business on hold for much longer than necessary.

4. Who You Hire Matters

The commercial paving company you choose for your next pavement repair project determines more than just the total cost and time spent – it also determines the quality and longevity of results as well as the overall experience. As already established, the condition of your business’ pavement has major implications for its bottom line. As such, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to restoring or caring for your asphalt. In New England, no other commercial/industrial paving contractor can deliver the high-end communication, support, or quality offered by Cassidy Paving. We know what goes into pavement repair projects of all shapes and sizes, and we always do right by our customers across all industries.

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