Best Asphalt Repair Practices for Commercial and Industrial Pavement

December, 19, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
As commercial and/or industrial paving customers, Cassidy Paving understands that your needs are a bit different from our residential clients. The thing about working with businesses, especially those with an industrial focus, is that your time is extremely valuable and any asphalt repairs should be handled as such. Anything less can cause you extreme liability, potential litigation, and even money. Here are the best practices we employ for our commercial and industrial customers across Massachusetts.

How to Repair Commercial and Industrial Asphalt

Permits and Compliance

When we work on behalf of your company, we understand the importance of staying within compliance. Paving requires proper planning; not just on the construction site, but on the permitting side as well. Before the first layer of asphalt is applied, your contractor should work with the city to understand what the building code requirements are and they should also obtain the proper permits. Working on behalf of your company without the proper permits not only puts us in a precarious situation, but it makes you liable for not following the law. Best practice means doing things by the law, and at Cassidy Paving, we take that very seriously. Because we are locally owned and operated, we know the ins and outs of most townships, cities, and municipalities across the commonwealth.

Staying Functional

Once we have worked out a plan for the proper and legal building, we also have an additional objective of making sure your employees, tenants, delivery drivers, and other guests can access your building. The bottom line is that your building and business must remain functional during your paving repair time. Workflows cannot stop because of a parking lot. Cassidy Paving works to make sure that your parking lot is repaired in a grid format that does not block the flow of traffic or bring about any additional burden on your company. We also work on adjusted schedules so that all of the necessary parties can access your site when needed.

Time and Budget

Two of the most important factors, when we do asphalt repair for commercial and industrial customers, are finishing in a timely manner and staying within budget. We know that your time is money and the longer we take, the more it can cost you in a variety of ways. Our goal is to do your paving repairs during an optimal time of year so that it can be done quickly, efficiently, and professionally. The best time to pave is in the spring and summer so we can get the asphalt compacted and cured faster, saving you any downtime. Also, we know that your budget as business owners is a big deal, therefore we will always be upfront about the repairs needed and our costs. You can be assured that we will never upsell you on any service, but you will get the asphalt service that you need to be safe and without fear of liability.

Work with the Best

If you are a commercial or industrial customer looking for excellence in asphalt repair, Cassidy Paving is the best choice. Give us a call today for a free estimate at 866-978-9788. We have many years of experience providing quality asphalt paving and repair across Massachusetts.
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