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Cassidy Paving knows our community, and we know the paving business. Our commercial and industrial paving services are delivered with courteous service, clear communication, and consistent results.

Cassidy Paving is a family-owned and operated asphalt paving company serving Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Headquartered in Haverhill, MA we know our community, and we know the paving business. Our commercial and industrial paving services are expertly delivered with courteous service, clear communication, and consistent results.

About Our Paving Services

Our clients trust us to give them great results from their commercial paving, commercial snow removal, or industrial paving services. Here’s a closer look at the professional paving services we provide:

  • Asphalt Repairs: We repair asphalt damage efficiently and effectively. Potholes, cracks, and more significant damage that originates below the surface of the asphalt can all be remediated by our paving experts.
  • Lot Milling and Reclamation: Lot milling is a paving repair technique that essentially recycles the asphalt to reclaim your roadway or parking lot, giving it a like-new appearance, without the overhaul of full-depth reconstruction.
  • Full-Depth Reconstruction: Full-depth reconstruction goes below the surface of the asphalt to replace damaged underground water, sewer and drainage lines. Repaving roadways and replacing damaged sidewalks are additional goals of in-depth reconstruction.
  • ADA Access: To improve property accessibility, we can install ADA-compliant curbs and ramps wherever required.
  • Mill and Overlay: Mill and overlay is an effective paving technique for roadway repair. If streets on your property have been damaged by weather and other wear and tear, we can mill and overlay roads with new asphalt.
  • Cut & Patch: For small imperfections and more minor asphalt damage, cut and patch asphalt paving may be recommended.
  • Commercial Snow Removal: New England winters don’t have to wreak havoc on your commercial property, or your budget. We offer per storm, per season, and per push snow removal rates to keep your office parking lot and walkways clear no matter what the winter weather brings.

Professional Paving Services Throughout Massachusetts and Southern NH

In addition to asphalt repair when you need it, Cassidy Paving also provides paving and asphalt maintenance planning services to our industrial and commercial paving clients. Together, we can be proactive about keeping your asphalt in the best possible condition, year-round. We’ll get to know your property layout, your health and safety regulations, and your vision to grow and scale your business, so paving projects get done on your timeline, according to your budget and facility needs.

We’ve handled some of the largest commercial and industrial paving projects in our area, and have helped business owners serve their community, no matter what the winter weather brings.

If you’re looking to expand your property, or if you need significant asphalt repair, we can help. Cassidy Paving has the experience, the equipment, and the people power to handle any size commercial or industrial paving projects.

You can trust our team to protect your roadways, walkways, driveways, and parking lots, and to get the job done according to your schedule so you can get back to business.

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What Makes Cassidy Paving Different?

Our Roots: We are a local family owned and operated business invested in our community.
Our Standards: We meet the Commonwealth of Massachusetts pre-qualification standards for paving. Few of our competitors are pre-qualified by the state.
Our Experience: Our full-time, Bonded, fully-insured crew has over 100+ years of combined experience.
Our Guarantee: We offer a guarantee on all new paving services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Cassidy Asphalt Paving

Based in Haverhill, MA, Cassidy Paving is a commercial paving company serving southern NH and Massachusetts.

Cassidy Paving

Mission Statement: Delivering commercial and industrial paving services with courteous service, clear communication, and consistent results.

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