How to Plan Warehouse Parking Lot Repairs During Business Hours

May, 12, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
When it comes to asphalt paving and maintenance, businesses, warehouses, and 24-hour retailers can’t shut down for days or weeks for asphalt repairs. Parking lot repair companies understand that these industrial asphalt projects require a high level of skill on behalf of the asphalt contractor so that there aren't scheduling issues that lead to lost revenue for business owners. Mismanagement of your parking lot repair during business hours can have drastic effects on business productivity and increase liability issues for you. Here’s how the experts at Cassidy Paving can plan and execute your parking lot repairs during the busiest times.

Thorough Needs Assessment

Your asphalt paving contractor must thoroughly understand how your business operates, including traffic flows around your property, the busy times, access points to loading docks, and types of vehicles that frequent your property. Only after a thorough needs assessment and site evaluation can an accurate repair timeline be provided. Many warehouses must have 24/7 access to their building; therefore, shutting the entire parking lot down for repairs just isn’t going to cut it. Many businesses need a way for customers to utilize the building and dedicated areas for employees to park. For some of our largest industrial clients, we often come out to do a walkthrough of the entire area to see the condition of the asphalt. We will look for distress or deterioration, signage or lack thereof, access points, and where most traffic seems to enter and exit the property. Only after a complete evaluation of these details will our team be able to provide you with a professional recommendation of how best to handle your asphalt parking lot repairs.

Repairing in Sections

Most asphalt companies in New England cannot repair large parking lots in one day. Especially for our warehouse and industrial customers, the Cassidy Paving team will offer a way to section off areas of the parking and spread out the repairs over a set time. We do this so that there are minimal disruptions to your business, and customers and employees alike will have the ability to access your building. While this may take more time to complete, it is suggested to avoid disruptions.

Proper Notice

Another thing that your asphalt contractors should be prepared to do is provide proper notice to the building’s tenants and the property manager. We understand that the people using these lots aren't just customers. They're often employees who work in the back of the house or coordinate your company’s logistics, and they must be able to get to work. Our job is to work with you to provide the proper signage ahead of time, cones, and sometimes electronic billboards to give your employees and customers a head’s up on what to expect to happen during asphalt repairs. Coordinating these steps is an integral part of our plan to limit disruptions to your asphalt parking lot during business hours.

Get a Repair Plan

If your warehouse parking lot is causing you stress or is a liability to your business, give Cassidy Paving a call today at 866-978-9788. We can help you plan your asphalt parking lot repairs so that they don’t completely shut your business down or disrupt your workflow in any way.
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