How to Plan for Paving Warehouse Parking Lots Without Disrupting Operations

April, 30, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Paving a warehouse parking lot

If you own or manage a warehouse facility, you know that every minute counts for your bottom line. Even shutting down for a day or two can become a logistical and financial nightmare. So, when it comes to repairing or paving your warehouse’s parking lot, finding the right time to get it done is as important as it is challenging. Let’s go over how to properly plan for paving warehouse parking lots without disrupting operations or putting people at risk.

How to Plan for Paving Warehouse Parking Lots

Assess Your Facility’s Needs

Facility managers have an intimate knowledge of their location’s schedule, workflow, access points, and so on. The asphalt contractor you hire must also become acquainted with these matters in order to get the job done efficiently, avoid interference, and ensure safety. The company you hire must also carefully examine the pavement itself to determine its needs – different repair projects require different timelines and equipment. Conducting a thorough needs assessment and site evaluation will facilitate this process, allowing contractors and managers to find the optimal solutions and schedule. Many warehouses need to remain fully or partially operational during repairs, so nailing down these parking lot paving specifications and other details is crucial.

Break Up the Industrial Paving Project

While smaller paving and repair projects can be completed in just one day, most warehouses require more time for every surface to receive the proper care. To help you remain operational, your industrial paving company can tackle the project one section at a time. Going at things in this piecemeal fashion will prolong the project’s total duration, but it will also keep sections of your parking lot accessible throughout. In doing so, you can keep your warehouse’s operations flowing throughout the paving project.

Maintain Strong Communication Before, During, and After

Lack of communication is the primary cause of accidents and disruptions related to commercial parking lot paving. Without proper notice, employees, customers, and guests can wind up getting injured or in the way of a paving project. Poor communication can also leave warehouse workers confused and unprepared when the parking lot paving service arrives. All personnel should be made aware of all relevant project details well in advance so they can prepare accordingly. Likewise, visible signage and barriers should be placed around the project site to keep everyone safe and informed. And even after the project is complete, occupants may need to stay off the surfaces for a given period of time to allow for drying and curing – this should be made clear, too. All of this coordination goes a long way towards streamlining parking lot paving and minimizing disruptions.

Planning Your Next Warehouse Paving Project

Paving and repairing warehouse parking lots without disrupting operations requires thorough preparation and cooperation. Every project is unique, which is why Cassidy Paving takes an individual approach to every facility in our purview. That said, our overarching process remains the same: we provide a thorough needs assessment, break the project into manageable sections, and maintain a strong line of communication with facility managers throughout. Our commitment to safety and efficiency have made us the go-to asphalt contractors for many companies across New England. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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