How to Install Park Paving Without Disturbing Landscaping and Trees

August, 25, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Many people go to parks to enjoy the natural beauty this world has to offer: lush green grass, bright flowers, sturdy trees, and more. Asphalt surfaces might seem like an affront to these natural features, but paved parking lots and trails actually help park-goers get the most out of the experience, providing a safe place to park, drive, bike, skate, and walk. When installing park paving, however, the health and appearance of the landscape must always be top of mind – failing to strike this balance can do real harm to the very features most of us wish to preserve and enjoy.

Here’s how to best pave parks without disturbing landscaping, trees, and other natural features.

How to Best Pave Parks Without Disturbing Landscaping and Trees

Don’t Pave Too Close to Trees

Trees need a certain amount of space and resources to thrive. Improper park paving can interfere with a tree’s ability to grow in a healthy manner over time. More specifically, laying down asphalt too close to a tree might prevent rain from reaching the soil and roots. The excavation process that occurs prior to paving might necessitate the removal of roots, too. Paving over roots can also obstruct the tree’s natural exchange of gases with its surrounding environment. Lastly, the heat inherent in hot-mix asphalt paving can permanently damage its growth layer.

When landscape paving, it’s best to keep away from trees as much as possible. If this can’t be easily done, consider transplanting small trees with lighter root systems so they can thrive elsewhere. You can also pave around trees and provide them with dedicated growth zones throughout the parking lot.

Curb Your Asphalt

Asphalt curbs offer several benefits. Not only do these raised edges help prevent vehicles from driving off the asphalt – they also protect the surrounding green spaces and facilitate proper drainage. Installing curbs during the asphalt paving process is a key step in limiting contact with the natural landscape. Doing so creates a manageable and easy-to-see buffer that helps paving professionals stay within pre-determined boundaries.

Install Temporary Barriers Along Lawn Edges

Curbs are undoubtedly useful, but they’re not the only means for keeping landscaping paving in check. Placing down temporary barriers such as traffic cones, walls, and caution tape along the edges of a parking lot, driveway, or trail makes it much easier for asphalt installers to stay within the work zone. In addition to minimizing landscape disturbances, these temporary barriers also allow for more even and visually appealing paving outcomes.

Hire Seasoned Professionals

When it comes to protecting your park’s green spaces, the commercial paving company you hire can make all the difference. The more reputable and experienced the provider, the better. At Cassidy Paving, our full-time, bonded, fully-insured crew has over 100+ years of combined experience serving the New England area. We’re also pre-qualified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for municipal paving projects – a testament to our high standards. We bring the best equipment to every job site, which helps us pave, repair, and maintain asphalt surfaces without disrupting surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for a commercial or industrial paving provider that cares about the look and health of New England’s various parks, call us today at 866-978-9788!

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