How Asphalt Paving Can Set Your HOA Apart from the Rest

April, 13, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Cassidy Paving paving a driveway in an HOA in New England
Living in a homeowners association has many perks, one being that homeowners can rest assured that their yearly fee payments will fund improvements within the community. Other than just the landscape and common areas upgrades, one way that your HOA can stand apart from typical communities is by investing in expertly applied and maintained residential asphalt paving. First impressions are a big deal for those both interested in buying or selling a home. Here’s how asphalt paving and maintenance with a certified contractor can help your HOA stand out from the crowd.

How Asphalt Paving Benefits HOAs

Sealing Benefits

If your HOA is relatively new, it is essential that your asphalt paving contractor provide a timeline for asphalt sealer after the initial installation. This typically occurs a few months after the blacktop is applied in order to give it time to properly cure. Applying the sealant before everything has cured will cause premature failure in the blacktop. When done correctly, sealcoating is a great way to preserve both the functionality and the fresh look of your HOA community’s pavement. It provides an extra layer of protection against the fluctuating New England climate. Sealcoating can also be repeated every few years and is recommended to extend the lifespan of the asphalt.

Asphalt Upkeep

For more than just aesthetics, the upkeep of the residential asphalt paving within the community can keep people safe. Asphalt potholes and cracks that aren’t repaired promptly will only worsen. The bigger the issues, the more liability your HOA will have. A well-maintained community is both safe and visually pleasing. A reliable asphalt paving contractor can provide your HOA with a maintenance repair plan that keeps your community looking its best. A well-kept community increases property values for the neighborhood and gives residents something to be proud of. The best asphalt paving companies will also work with the flow of traffic within the area and be courteous to avoid lengthy disruptions within the community.

ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is sometimes overlooked by asphalt paving customers. Only after working with an experienced paving company do many understand why they should be ADA compliant and how to do it. Your HOA could be subject to high liability if you are not aware of and offering roads, parking, and sidewalks that are accessible for every level of ability. Seamless integration of sidewalks into the areas where homeowners frequently walk and park is essential. Uneven roadways and/or walkways, cracks, and holes can be dangerous and could make the HOA responsible in the event of an accident within the community.

Upgrade Your HOA

If your HOA is looking for a way to stand out, asphalt paving services are a great way to do that. Cassidy Paving is a trusted and experienced choice for those in the New England area. We offer free estimates on repairs and installations. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 to learn more. We have experience in both large and small HOA communities and we understand how important it is to have safe roads and walkways that everyone can be pleased with.
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