Four Reasons Asphalt is the Best Choice for your Business Parking Lot

May, 20, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Making the best first impression for your business happens well before your customers walk in the door. Why not choose the best pavement option? Cassidy Paving is an industry leader in providing commercial, industrial, and residential asphalt paving. We service businesses like yours across Massachusetts and we are certain that asphalt is the way to go when you’re ready to install that new parking lot. Here are a few reasons why asphalt is the best choice for you.

Increase Your Property Value

In short, asphalt pavement is proven to increase your property value. The amount that you will invest in a new asphalt parking lot will be minimal in comparison to the amount of increased property value you will receive. Having the best curb appeal will not only help your property value, but will make you stand out amongst your competitors. Make your customers feel valued even when driving into your lot.

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Cost Savings

Asphalt is one of the most cost-effective materials you can use to pave. The most popular paving options, concrete and asphalt, have a vast price differential. According to Home Advisor, an asphalt parking lot will, on average, cost you between $2.50 and $4.50 per square foot. By comparison, concrete will cost you between $4 and $7 per square foot. If staying on a tight budget is one of the most important factors for your business, asphalt is the best material by far. It is budget-friendly and reliable. Not only is it affordable to install, but it is also affordable to maintain.


Asphalt is extremely durable in all sorts of climates, but is dependent upon proper installation in order to maintain its proper life expectancy. When designed appropriately with proper drainage, asphalt can last over 20 years with scheduled maintenance. Sealcoating is another way to ensure that you get the most out of your parking lot investment. Not only is asphalt sturdy, but it is also affordable to fix when you do have some instances of deterioration. Make sure to fill any cracks and potholes when they occur rather than waiting. The sooner you can fix any issues, the better chance the entire lot has of lasting for many years to come.

Sustainably Made

At Cassidy Paving, we understand the increasing importance of using sustainable and recyclable materials. Asphalt is, in fact, able to be reused, which saves you money and lessens the impact on our planet. We offer lot milling and reclamation throughout New England. With reclamation, we use specialized equipment to pulverize your existing pavement and subbase materials and combine them to make the new asphalt parking lot.

Expert Parking Lot Services

The Cassidy Paving team understands the importance of delivering high-quality, affordable, and visually pleasing parking lot options for a variety of businesses. We want the chance to work with you to install a lot that is safe and functional for all of your needs. Contact us today at 866-978-9788 to start your process. We offer free estimates and warranties on all new full-depth work.

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