Asphalt Repairs Near Me: What I Need for My Massachusetts Commercial Parking Lot

August, 02, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Newly repaired asphalt parking lot.

A quick online search for “asphalt repairs near me” will yield several results, but only some of these companies will deliver the right services and quality of work for your needs. In New England, facility managers rely on Cassidy Paving for our wide range of service offerings. No matter the particular problem with your parking lot, our experts can provide precisely what it needs to get back in shape. Here are some key services to consider for your Massachusetts commercial parking lot.

Asphalt Repair Services to Consider for Your Massachusetts Commercial Parking Lot

Cut and Patch Repair Work

Cut and patch repairs are among the most highly sought-after asphalt parking lot repair projects, as they’re designed to quickly resolve isolated issues like cracks and potholes. After the damage is assessed, your asphalt contractors will carefully cut around the damaged area to completely remove it and its surrounding material before patching the newly-formed hole with fresh paving material. In a state like Massachusetts, that experiences all four seasons, you’ll likely require these services annually, if not more often than that.

Asphalt Milling

If your commercial parking lot experienced more widespread damage, it might be a prime candidate for milling (also known as cold-planing). This process efficiently removes the top layer of asphalt to get rid of surface unevenness, cracks, holes, and other imperfections. Whereas cutting and patching is highly localized, milling takes care of large areas of your asphalt in one go. After your parking lot has been thoroughly milled, fresh pavement can be applied to the fresh foundation. Meanwhile, the millings are recycled for use on future projects.

Commercial Overlay/Resurfacing

An overlay or resurfacing project is also a good idea if your parking lot is marred by various cracks and holes. Rather than grind down most of your parking lot, however, the overlay process is concerned with patching smaller stretches of asphalt. As such, resurfacing presents a happy medium between individual patch jobs and asphalt milling. This is a quick and cost-effective way to repair a portion of your parking lot that needs attention.

Reclamation/Pulverization and Grading

The three parking lot repair services outlined above are ideal for minor and cosmetic problems. When it comes to deeper concerns, however, your asphalt needs to be ground down even further prior to fresh commercial paving. Reclamation or pulverization is focused on grinding and removing layers of pavement when there’s visible asphalt deterioration but not enough to warrant a full-depth reconstruction. This project is best performed on parking lots that require up to 10 inches of ground and resurfaced. When properly performed, this process yields a more stable surface, reduces excess materials, and doesn’t require new base materials since the pulverized material makes up the new layer of pavement.

Full-Depth Reconstruction

When a parking lot is well past its prime and/or suffering deep-rooted issues that reach below the surface, a full-depth reconstruction is necessary. This process encompasses several tasks, including damage assessment, total pulverization, drain repairs and maintenance, and repaving. Not every parking lot paving service will have the resources and experience to conduct a large-scale full-depth reconstruction, so make sure you work with the right contractor for the job.

What Does Your Commercial Parking Lot Need?

Sooner or later, every parking lot requires some level of repair. The good news is that Cassidy Paving does it all, from basic cut and patch jobs to full-blown reconstructions and everything in between. Let us become your go-to asphalt parking lot paving, maintenance, and repair provider. Call us today at 866-978-9788 to receive a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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