Three Causes of Commercial Parking Lot Breakdowns

June, 13, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Are you having trouble with the functionality of your commercial parking lot? You’re not alone. Cassidy Paving understands the unique needs of commercial asphalt paving customers. A brokedown parking lot could be hindering your bottom line and your productivity. Let’s get those issues addressed before it is too late. Here are some common reasons why your commercial parking lot could be deteriorating.

The Weather

We know that the climate in Massachusetts can be temperamental. From the warmest of summer days to the snow-filled winters, your parking lot is there through it all. You might not consider that storms or snow may affect the quality of your asphalt pavement, but these are some of the biggest culprits of parking lot breakdowns. Rain is catastrophic to any asphalt pavement, especially standing water. Precipitation can cause cracking, sinking, pothole, erosion, and much more. If you’re seeing standing water, it can also indicate drainage issues in your commercial parking lot. Give Cassidy Paving a call as soon as possible at the first signs of water damage. We can work with you to get your parking lot fixed and ready for your busy schedule. READ MORE: The Effects of Spring Rain on Asphalt Parking Lots

UV Rays

The sun is a prime arch-nemesis of asphalt paving. A study for IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering found that “strong ultraviolet effect is one of the main natural factors of asphalt pavement damage.” Therefore, whether or not it is a summer month, the sun’s rays are beating down on your asphalt. Our experts highly recommend schedule maintenance to combat the effects of the sun. UV ray breakdown happens constantly over time and you must stay vigilant with your repairs and maintenance so that your commercial parking lot doesn’t break down before your eyes. Sealcoating on a regular schedule (every 3-5 years) is one of your best defenses against the sun.

Heavy Loads

Commercial vehicles and heavy loads are just a fact of life for our commercial customers. Regardless of how careful you are on maintaining your parking lot, the heavy machines and loads frequenting your asphalt will eventually cause cracks. Consistent use of the lot will breakdown the materials and you can see raveling, potholes, and crumbling in the asphalt. The National Asphalt Pavement Association recommends “heavy-duty mixes are needed in any pavement structure subjected to severe loading conditions as evidenced by the number and weight of heavy loads, heavy static loads, and/or high tire pressures.” Cassidy Paving can set you up with the right materials for your needs. Your commercial parking lot calls for very specific materials and application, therefore you should only trust certified asphalt pavement contractors to deliver those results. READ MORE: A Good “First Impression” Starts in the Parking Lot

Hire a Commercial Lot Pro

At Cassidy Paving we specialize in providing our commercial customers with pavement that can withstand the elements and heavy loads for years. Estimates are always free and we are highly recommended across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Get in touch today at 866-978-9788 to start your commercial parking lot project.
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