Winter Care Tips for Your Commercial Lot

December, 21, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Cassidy Paving understands that you need your commercial lot to be in great shape regardless of the season. Winter in Massachusetts brings about its own challenges and your asphalt lot should not add any additional stress. There are specific ways to care for your asphalt in the winter that will allow for the best outcomes when snow and ice begin to thaw in spring. Here are the top commercial care tips from the experts at Cassidy Paving.

How to Care for Your Commercial Lot This Winter

Inspect Often and Repair Early

If you are able, getting an inspection and repairing any found issues prior to winter will be your best defense against cold weather deterioration. Any time before the first snowfall is appropriate for inspection and repairs. Most asphalt contractors, like Cassidy Paving, cannot do much for your lot once the ground gets below 45 degrees consistently, but we can always attempt to work with you to patch what is necessary. If you notice something going on with your asphalt lot during the winter, you can still call us out to inspect the area. Once we take a look, you can be put on the springtime list for expedited service. We always want to repair potholes, cracks, and drainage issues as early as possible so there is no benefit to waiting. The longer you wait, the more extensive these repairs will be.

Remove Debris

Anything from tree limbs to litter can be a real hazard for commercial lots once the snow and ice move in. Branches, large limbs, leaves, and trash will seal in moisture. This moisture will go through an intense freeze-thaw cycle many times throughout the winter. If your asphalt is already in subpar condition, the moisture beneath this debris will mean even more dramatic shifts in your lot. Additionally, the weight of this debris can cause increased rapid deterioration. Asphalt best practice is to clear debris regularly throughout the winter in order to maintain the current condition of your commercial pavement.

Hire Snow Removal Pros

A couple of things consistently true about commercial asphalt lots in Massachusetts is that there will be a lot snow and you will need to access your building despite how deep that snow may be. When it comes to large areas like commercial lots, a professional removal company will be your best option. Dependable snow removal can save your company and/or tenants time and money. Cassidy Paving offers these services on a per storm, per season, or per push basis which makes our plans flexible for every size lot and budget. Transferring this task to someone else can take a big burden off of you as a property manager. You can contract a company as early as you want in the year. Don’t wait until the first snowfall to reach out. The earlier the better, so we can ensure you are on the schedule and we can familiarize ourselves with your property.

Commercial Lot Pros

Cassidy Paving has many years of experience providing installation, repairs, and snow removal services to commercial customers across Massachusetts. We understand that your time is valuable and it is even more important to keep your lot working well due to increased liability as property owners. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 to discuss your options for asphalt maintenance throughout the year.
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