Why Your Residential Driveway Has Different Needs Than Your Commercial Driveway

June, 07, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Are you both a business owner and a homeowner? If so, you’re probably familiar with working with an asphalt driveway paving contractor for driveways at your home and the office. Although you’re likely working through some similar asphalt services, your commercial lot has vastly different needs than your residential driveway. Here are the things to consider that make your installation, driveway repaving, and maintenance plans different but appropriate when tailored to either location.

Driveway Usage

The most significant difference between residential and commercial asphalt paving is how you and your visitors use them and how often. Undoubtedly, your business driveway or lot is bound to see more daily traffic than you will at home. Your commercial building will not only have more traffic but will see much larger loads from delivery trucks and 18-wheelers. If there will be consistently large loads putting stress on your driveway, you may need to be more careful with consistent asphalt repair and maintenance. How you use your driveway is one factor that determines how often you’ll need repair. This information also helps inform the driveway paving contractor to use any additional bracing, compacting, and installation techniques to secure the subbase for the weight of the loads.

Size and Design

Commercial driveways and parking lots are often constructed to serve the purpose of getting employees, visitors, and deliveries in and out of the property as quickly and as safely as possible. Many commercial (and even industrial properties) don’t want much more than a means for driving. On the other hand, home driveways often need to integrate the home’s design for a more aesthetically pleasing curb appeal. Your driveway can also increase your property value if maintained appropriately. There can even be the addition of landscaping and architecturally exciting design. While this is not always the case, it is essential to think about any capacity requirements of your driveway, landscaping, and even the size of the vehicles that will need to use the space. Because your commercial driveway is more likely to be driven on several times a day, it will have much different repair needs than your home’s driveway will.

Cost and Timelines

Typically, your commercial driveway will see deterioration more quickly than your home’s driveway. It will also require much more frequent asphalt maintenance and repair compared to your home. Because of this, your commercial property asphalt paving budget will be more costly. Higher usage means more chances for pavement failure. Not only will repairs to your business happen more often, but they may also need to be completed in sections or in a spaced-out timeline so that your business is still accessible to employees and others that need to use the driveway every day. On the other hand, your home will follow a typical yearly evaluation schedule, and it still may not need repairs for several years.

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