Why You Should Think About the Cleanup Process Before You Have Asphalt Laid

July, 04, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Asphalt repair in New England
When you have an upcoming asphalt project, the best thing you can do is to think about how you’ll handle the process from start to finish. When the asphalt paving has been laid, however, the work doesn’t stop there. Laying the asphalt for a parking lot is only the beginning of a much bigger picture, and you should consider the cleanup process well before the asphalt pavement construction begins. Here is an expert perspective on how to plan your new parking lot project and why factoring in the cleanup in your timeline is an important step.

What to Know About Asphalt Clean Up

Why It's Important

Thinking about a cleanup timeline will keep you on the right side of expectations for accessing your parking lot. Even though your project may look to be over, cleanup and debris removal will prevent you from using the lot until it is all done. It is highly suggested that you understand that timeline. By expecting access to these areas before it's truly ready, you could be negatively impacted, and your bottom line may suffer. Make sure you get the proper time estimates from your asphalt contractor ahead of time. It is best to avoid surprises, especially for your business.

Cleaning Up

Once your fresh blacktop is installed, the work isn’t over. Even though the asphalt looks ready for use, some other tasks have to be done to ensure a proper and safe outcome. The cleanup is a vital step towards a usable asphalt parking lot. Parking lot paving contractors must remove any debris and old asphalt from the area. This step can take more time because contractors cannot dispose of each material type in the same way. Often, old asphalt is sent for recycling. This is a process called reclamation, and it is very commonly used in asphalt services. Much of the asphalt that people drive on every day is recycled from old parking lots and driveways. Reclamation is another way for customers to keep the costs associated with asphalt installation down. Cleaning up can add days or a week to your timeline. Therefore you should be mindful of this step and plan accordingly.

The Final Steps

Another thing to consider is that while your contractors are cleaning up the worksite, the asphalt paving goes through the curing process. It is essential to give your new asphalt time to properly cure so that you’re not driving on it before it is stable. When it has cured, an asphalt sealer will be applied to the top layer to preserve its durability. Also, commercial parking lots have to be striped according to proper guidelines before use. Just because your asphalt has been applied doesn’t mean it is ready. Your asphalt contractor has to finish steps right after cleanup to ensure it is functional and isn’t a liability risk for your business.

Need New Asphalt?

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