Why Winter Is the Best Time to Think About Your Asphalt's Needs

November, 08, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Parking lot full of cars with snow on it

If you’re like most people, you’ll have a lot on your mind during winter. Between the holidays, unpredictable weather, and short days, the cold season tests all our limits. But before your mind wanders too far this winter, you must consider the condition of your asphalt surfaces. Even if your parking lot or driveway is the last thing on your mind, understand that these features deserve your attention during winter -- that is, unless you want to deal with bigger problems come springtime.

Let’s break down why winter is indeed the best time to think about asphalt maintenance, especially in New England.

Why You Should Tend to Your Asphalt in Winter

New England Winters Are Harsh on Asphalt

You don’t have to reside in New England too long to fully grasp just how cold, slick, and snowy things can get in the winter months. While these conditions are hard enough for us humans to deal with, they can also do a number on asphalt surfaces. Moisture from sleet and snow can seep into your asphalt’s cracks and pores -- when temperatures freeze, this water turns back into ice, expanding and causing further damage from the inside. Additionally, black ice can easily form on your driveway or parking lot, making driving and walking on these surfaces extremely hazardous. While your asphalt’s condition and overall safety are worth thinking about year-round, winter is the time to pay the most attention to these matters. Hiring snow clearing services to keep snow and ice off your asphalt is an important step in reducing winter’s impact on your asphalt.

Your Business Might See Increased Activity

For some industries, winter is considered the off-season -- for others, however, things really kick into gear beginning in November, often due to the holiday rush. If you own or manage such a business, you must ensure the safety of all employees and customers, which means you can’t just leave your parking lot littered with cracks, potholes, and other problems. Unfortunately, some asphalt repair projects are difficult to tackle properly during winter due to low ground temperatures, moisture, and so on. This isn’t to say that asphalt crack and pothole repair is impossible in the winter months. However -- cold patches, for instance, can provide temporary solutions to hold your business over throughout the busy winter season.

Get a Head Start on Planning Spring Paving

As is the case with any renovation, it’s always wise to start planning several months in advance -- this is particularly true when it comes to asphalt services. Commercial paving projects cannot be performed when ground temperatures consistently dip below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (i.e., during the winter). As a result, asphalt paving contractors see a surge in demand in the spring. So, while you won’t be able to have your parking lot re-paved during the winter, the winter months are the best time to compare different asphalt service providers, receive competitive quotes, and lock in dates for early spring so you can pave your asphalt as soon as the weather allows. If you wait until spring arrives to tackle this planning process, you might not receive the services your asphalt needs until much later in the season.

At Cassidy Paving, we offer asphalt repair and maintenance services year-round, and we’d love to be your go-to paving provider in the spring. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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