Why Spring Is a Great Time to Lay Asphalt

April, 15, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Pavers working on a parking lot in New England in spring
Now that wintertime in New England is over, asphalt paving and repairs are in full swing. You will begin to see an increase in road work and asphalt pothole repairs across the area. Experienced contractors know that spring is the best time to do asphalt repairs. There is always a big springtime rush for asphalt maintenance services, and this rush continues well into the summer. Most asphalt paving contractors across the area will be busy as soon as the pavement is consistently above freezing temperatures. Here is why spring is a great time to lay asphalt and why you should take advantage of the warm weather.

Why Spring Is Best

Throughout the Northeast, spring is a great time to begin a variety of deep cleaning, home repairs, and outdoor upgrades. If not on your to-do list already, you should include a pavement inspection and take care of any suggested asphalt repair service. This time of the year is critical because you may have noticed shifts in your asphalt after an intense winter. The freeze-thaw cycle causes these drastic changes because any water inside your asphalt pavement will expand when frozen, and contract when thawed. While the asphalt goes through this cycle, it creates cracks, and the subbase starts loosening underneath the pavement. This shift in the subbase causes springtime pavement surprises that become most obvious when everything has thawed. Spring is also the best time to see exactly what needs to be repaired, and a trained paving contractor can do this for you.

The Right Mix

Not only do you see the overall state of your pavement during the spring, but it is also the perfect time to do something about it. Asphalt paving only cures correctly when the temperatures are warm. Therefore, asphalt contractors can only do small patches in your pavement with a temporary cold mix in the wintertime. Frequently, they cannot achieve permanent pothole repair until at least the spring, so temporary fillers may be used until pavers can use the correct mix in spring. When warm weather comes, asphalt paving contractors can use the preferred hot mix. This is a combination of stone, sand, and gravel mixed at high temperatures. The heated blend is then poured out by trucks and flattened using a heavy roller. The warmer weather is a requirement because it helps this blend solidify at the right time and doesn’t become tacky too soon. Hot-mix applied asphalt is the preferred best option that provides durable residential driveway paving or commercial asphalt paving. It is not only long-lasting, but it requires fewer repairs saving you money over time.

Schedule Springtime Asphalt Service

Asphalt paving customers don’t have to wait for professional maintenance and repairs any longer. Now is the time to reach out to Cassidy Paving to get your asphalt paving and maintenance started. Our experts can help you find paving options for your budget. Cassidy Paving estimates have no obligation and are always free. We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial asphalt paving services. Give the team a call today at 866-978-9788. If you’re unable to reach us during regular business hours, you can complete our online inquiry form to have someone reach out to you with more information about your project.
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