Why It's Important to Plan Asphalt Maintenance Before Winter Hits

October, 26, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Damaged asphalt in winter

In New England, winter wastes little time making an entrance. Though every year is unique, winter can rear its cold head as early as November and linger as late as April in terms of freezing temperatures and snowfall. Not only can these conditions take a toll on your asphalt surfaces -- they can also make it difficult to restore them. As such, it’s a good idea to tackle any remaining asphalt repairs and maintenance projects prior to winter’s arrival. Let’s further explore why it’s so important to plan asphalt maintenance before winter hits.

Benefits of Planning Asphalt Maintenance Ahead

Winter Is a Busy Time

For starters, the winter months can make it difficult to tackle and oversee certain projects. The early days of winter are filled with holiday activity and other concerns, while the rest of the season features short days and uncomfortable conditions that cause a shift in priorities. If your property’s exterior is covered in snow, your mind will likely turn to other concerns. In other words, asphalt repair and paving might be the last things on your mind during winter, even if your parking lot desperately needs attention. By planning your asphalt maintenance project before this time, you can do yourself a favor and ensure that these tasks get done on schedule.

Protect Your Asphalt from Winter Conditions

Every season is capable of wearing down your asphalt driveways and lots, but winter is arguably the worst offender. The cold air and snow can make asphalt surfaces brittle and vulnerable to various forms of deterioration. If your parking lot is already filled with cracks and holes, these cold conditions will only make matters worse. As such, it’s crucial to invest in projects like asphalt crack repair and blacktop sealcoating before winter sets in. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with more costly and time-consuming repair work come springtime. Regardless of the current state of your asphalt features, it’s also important to invest in snow clearing services throughout winter to prevent snow and ice from doing further damage.

Most Asphalt Services Are Dependent on the Weather

Winter makes a number of exterior projects difficult, if not impossible -- asphalt paving is among them. In our previous blog, “How Late in the Fall Can I Lay Asphalt?” we note that late October is the typical cut-off for laying down new asphalt in New England (with some exceptions). The reason for this cut-off has to do with the ideal conditions for new asphalt applications. For the best results, air temperatures shouldn’t fall below 45 degrees Fahrenheit in the evening, and pavement temperatures should remain somewhere between 70 and 150 degrees during the job. Wind must also be kept to a minimum, and rain (as well as snow) shouldn’t enter the equation at all. If you want to lay down fresh asphalt, then late fall offers your last chance until spring.

Get Ahead of the Spring Rush

Speaking of spring, asphalt paving contractors tend to see a surge in demand following winter for the reasons mentioned above. As a result, scheduling asphalt services can be challenging if you wait too long. DO yourself a favor, then, and reach out to reliable asphalt repair contractors months in advance to get your name down for spring. It might be too late to address your asphalt issues for winter, but you can at least be among the first people to receive those necessary services in the spring.

Winter is on the doorstep in New England. Is your asphalt ready for the cold conditions? At Cassidy Paving, we work year-round to provide asphalt solutions for businesses and homes in the area. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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