Why Hiring an Industrial Paving Cleaner Before Winter Is Essential

October, 03, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 6 min read

New England is famous for many things, including its cold, bitter winters. There’s no telling what this year’s winter will bring to the region, but chances are there will be plenty of freezing temperatures, snowy days, and icy roads. If you’re not prepared, these cold conditions can do serious damage to your asphalt surfaces, leaving you with a costly long-term liability. There are many ways to prepare your pavement for the coming season, but it all starts with a thorough cleaning by a professional paving service. Here’s why hiring an industrial paving cleaner before winter is essential to the ongoing condition, appearance, and safety of your asphalt surfaces.

Minimize Winter-Related Damage to Your Asphalt

Pavement is constantly threatened by the environment no matter the season. Regular rain, pests, and variable temperatures in spring can deteriorate your pavement, hot, sunny summer days can weaken the material, and fall debris can deliver moisture and contaminants to the pavement’s surface. However, no season does more damage to asphalt than winter. The main culprit: the freeze-thaw cycle, which has moisture seep into the pavement before freezing and expanding, creating cracks that allow more moisture to enter (rinse and repeat). If your pavement is in poor shape going into the winter months, this destructive cycle will operate at maximum efficiency. Hiring an industrial paving company to thoroughly inspect and clean your pavement prior to winter will help you address any current concerns so your pavement is as secure as possible during the cold season.

Keep the Moisture Moving

New England winters are no stranger to precipitation. Whether in the form of rain, sleet, hail, or snow, this moisture can quickly build up on your pavement and accelerate the damage done via the freeze-thaw cycle. One of the keys to preventing these build-ups is ensuring that your drainage systems are all functioning properly, and that starts with cleaning out any gunk that’s blocking the proper pathways. The best commercial paving experts go above and beyond simple resurfacing and repaving efforts and actually inspect, clean, and repair drains so even large amounts of water flow freely and away from your pavement.

Maximize Driver and Pedestrian Safety

Even when people can clearly see cracks, potholes, bumps, and divots, navigating a beaten-up parking lot or driveway can be dangerous. Consider how much more dangerous this is when these issues are partially or completely concealed by snow or debris. Indeed, one of the main dangers of winter is how easily it can mask signs that would otherwise point to danger. Failing to clean and repair your pavement before winter sets in can conceal and exacerbate all kinds of hazards that make for a less safe surface for anyone driving or walking on it.

Cover Your Bases All Winter Long

Cleaning your asphalt prior to winter is crucial for protecting its integrity and keeping everyone safe. That said, you’ll want to keep your pavement clean throughout the cold season as well. But if you wait too long to enter a contract with a snow and ice removal company, you might struggle to receive the services you require when the weather gets really nasty. This is why it’s best to seek a commercial paving company that offers these services well in advance of winter. This way, you can establish a clear schedule and budget that ensures your driveways and parking lot stay clear of snow and ice all season long. The sooner you team up with a reliable partner, the more at ease you’ll be between now and springtime.

Keeping it Clean Before Winter and Beyond

A clean asphalt surface is a safer, better looking, and better protected one. With winter on its way, it’s time to tackle any last-minute industrial paving projects and set yourself up for a proper pavement cleaning. The experts at Cassidy Paving are happy to provide our wide range of services to get your industrial pavement in shape before, during, and after winter. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project!

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