Why Asphalt Paving Is so Popular

May, 18, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Asphalt paving in a neighborhood

No matter where you live, most of the roads, driveways, and parking lots that surround you are paved with asphalt. You’ll see some concrete and brick pavers here and there, but not nearly as much as you’ll see asphalt. Indeed, asphalt is so prevalent in residential and commercial paving that you might not give it much thought. However, asphalt paving earned its popularity for more reasons than one. Let’s break down five key reasons asphalt has become the go-to paving option all over.

5 Reasons Asphalt Paving Is so Popular

1. Asphalt Is Safe

Surfaces meant for vehicle and pedestrian use must be clearly visible, slip-resistant, and sturdy to ensure everyone’s safety. Asphalt meets all of these requirements and more. The dark surface stands in stark contrast to surrounding features, removing any confusion regarding where the road, driveway, or parking lot starts and ends. Asphalt’s black coloration also makes it highly absorptive, helping to melt snow and ice during winter. Asphalt pavements are naturally skid-resistant, too, thanks to a high coefficient of friction, reducing the risk of accidents, slips, and falls.

2. Asphalt Is Cost-Effective

Cost is always a factor when weighing your parking lot paving options. Generally speaking, asphalt is less expensive to install than concrete or brick pavers. Sure, you may need to invest in more frequent maintenance and pavement repair to keep your asphalt surfaces in great shape, but these repairs aren’t usually too much of a burden. It’s also worth noting that asphalt prices can rise or fall depending on the crude oil market. All of this aside, a well-paved and properly maintained asphalt surface produces perpetual savings by improving smoothness, safety, and fuel efficiency.

3. Asphalt Is Quiet

There’s no way to eliminate all the noise produced by vehicles, but smooth asphalt significantly dampens highway sound, sometimes up to seven decibels. These noise-cutting qualities are less noticeable when it comes to asphalt parking lot paving since vehicles won’t be moving as quickly. Still, any action that reduces unwanted noise is a benefit to the community, mitigating distractions, improving sleep quality, and more.

4. Asphalt Is Easier on the Environment

All construction projects have some effect on their surrounding environment. As people become more conscious of their individual and collective environmental impact, the desire for sustainable solutions grows more important. Recycling is always preferable to extracting new resources. Fortunately, asphalt is 100% recyclable and has become the most recycled material in the U.S. Shingles, tires, and other common post-consumer waste products can contribute to fresh asphalt paving material. Ultimately, it takes less energy (about 20% less) to produce asphalt than other paving materials, which also contributes to the lower cost mentioned above. If you’re looking for new ways to go green, then, work with a commercial paving company committed to using recycled asphalt for all their projects.

5. Asphalt Lasts a Long Time

Any surface that endures heavy vehicles and regular activity must be built to last. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself replacing your pavement shortly after installing it. Asphalt isn’t invincible, but it does offer a long shelf life when properly cared for. This material’s flexible nature allows it to handle temporary overloads without sustaining major damage. Small cracks and holes can be easily filled, and occasional resurfacing alongside other asphalt maintenance services can extend your asphalt’s lifespan by several years or more. In all, your asphalt can stick around for 15-20 years before requiring a complete overhaul.

Asphalt: The Most Popular Paving Material

No paving material is perfect, but asphalt checks all the boxes – and then some – required of any parking lot, driveway, or road. Cassidy Paving specializes in all things asphalt-related across New England, including paving, resurfacing, repair, maintenance, and more. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project!

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