Why an Asphalt Maintenance Plan Saves You Money

March, 30, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

Proper planning and preparation for your asphalt driveway or commercial lot will always prevent inferior performance. When it comes to having an asphalt maintenance plan, many people neglect to have one or just do not think about whether it is important enough to worry about. In the long run, having a plan and keeping up with maintenance can save you time to sort out the logistics once you have problems, protect your budget from larger repairs, and reduce the chances of liability costs. The Cassidy Paving team is filled with experienced asphalt contractors, and we can help you save money on asphalt and paving throughout New England.

The Financial Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance

Save Money with Repairs

When you implement an asphalt maintenance plan, you will save money for a variety of reasons. One of the most obvious is that there are repair techniques that an asphalt maintenance company like Cassidy Paving can provide to keep the job less expensive. These include filling asphalt potholes as needed and including a sealcoat during major services like blacktop replacements. With our experience and expertise, we will always know exactly the amount of work you need and what is considered unnecessary.

Asphalt sealcoating services offer a barrier between the actual pavement from water and oil spilled from vehicles. There’s also a lot of value in sealing cracks when they are smaller. Sealing cracks in asphalt driveways prevents water from getting underneath the pavement and causing those larger potholes. Home Advisor recommends implementing sealcoating anywhere between every one to three years or when you can see the color of the individual stones on the asphalt’s surface.

Another relatively inexpensive and recommended procedure is a cut and patch service. If your parking lot has started sinking or has damage in particular areas, cut and patch can be the repair service you need. Cut and patch is cost-effective and does not call for a complete overhaul. Instead, it is concentrated in a specific area in yourpavement driveway.

Asphalt Plans for Everyday Budgets

Cassidy Paving can work with you for your residential, commercial, and industrial needs for small or large jobs. Having a plan allows our experts to survey your pavement, and we can provide you with the proper method of action for regular maintenance. Even during the spring, we can take preventative measures for the winter, especially considering the bitterly harsh snowstorms we often see in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. Now is the time to keep cracks from spreading and developing into other issues such as poor drainage in your pavement. With the right approach, you will avoid massive overhauls, increase your property's curb appeal, and overtime, you will physically see how your asphalt repair planning has paid off.

Get Your Plan

Hoping asphalt issues will go away won’t save you any money, so get a plan in place today. Whether you know where to start or not, give Cassidy Paving a call today at 866-978-9788, or click here to contact us. We can help you get your asphalt maintenance plan in place to avoid any further costly damage.

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