Why a Fresh Parking Lot Can Attract Future Tenants

September, 16, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
New parking lot in an apartment complex

Are you a property manager looking to attract future tenants to your commercial building? No doubt prospective tenants have many options when they’re looking for a place to call home. Therefore it is up to you to do the small things that set your building apart from the rest. One thing you can do is have a fresh and well-maintained asphalt parking lot. New England's unpredictable weather can affect a number of parking lots, so maintaining an attractive lot requires thoughtful planning on behalf of your asphalt installer but will make all the difference when attracting new tenants.

How a Good Parking Lot Attracts Tenants

First Impressions Are Important

Regardless of what you might think, first impressions don’t just count for person-to-person interaction. They are also a big deal when you’re showing your property to prospective tenants. From the moment someone spots your property from the road, you’d like to have them focus on the building itself rather than the asphalt and paving. Performing asphalt services in a timely manner means that you won't have to think about them for the rest of the year. That is an added benefit to working with an asphalt paving contractor that you can trust. The first impression always begins in the parking lot. Don’t let something like asphalt potholes keep you from sourcing tenants for your building.

Safety Is Paramount

If you fail to upkeep your parking lot paving, it could become a safety issue for drivers and pedestrians alike. As a property manager, you need to assure commercial building prospects that you take their safety seriously. In order to keep the liability for your property low, you should have regularly scheduled parking lot maintenance services. This includes (but isn’t limited to) crack sealing, blacktop sealcoating, and restriping as needed. Many things can go wrong with a commercial lot, especially those that see a high traffic volume. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t keep a regular maintenance schedule to avoid the things you can prevent. That’s all part of doing your due diligence as a commercial property manager to keep your current tenants happy and to attract future ones as well.

Determine Your Repair Options

If you’re having trouble finding tenants for your building and you think the impression the parking lot gives is the reason, we can help. Asphalt deterioration can be fixed! Often there are things like parking lot potholes that can devalue your property, but that is a relatively easy fix. Also, if the issues are more in-depth than a few patches and sealing repairs, your contractor should be able to address that problem quickly with either a resurfacing service or phased installation. Only through a professional and thorough evaluation will your contractor be able to determine what the proper process will be. Sometimes your foundation will be intact, and the top layers are suffering. On the other hand, if you’ve neglected your parking lot for a long time, you could need an entirely new lot.

If you are a property manager in the New England area and need help with your parking lot maintenance and repairs, give Cassidy Paving a call today at 866-978-9788 to discuss your options. We offer free estimates and provide a warranty on all new, full-depth work.

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