When Should You Reopen Your Commercial Lot After a Repaving Project?

September, 12, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Parking lot being repaved

One of the biggest reasons commercial business owners ignore small holes or areas of deterioration in their asphalt parking lot is to maintain business productivity. Often, asphalt repairs can get in the way of normal traffic flow and operations. Additionally, New England's seasonal weather can be a deterrent, but the right asphalt paving contractor will know how to manage immediate repairs no matter what time of year, while maintaining optimal business traffic flow. Here's how

What to Know About Parking Lot Repaving

Commercial Paving Options

While many paving projects shut down the entire lot, experienced contractors can repair commercial lots piece by piece. To avoid disruptions to your business, asphalt installers will prioritize the more hazardous areas and create a repair plan that is implemented one area at a time instead of shutting down the entire lot at once. Not only will your operations run optimally, but quick, effective repairs will also lower your liability as a business or property owner as soon as you make the proper remediations to your lot. Foot and vehicular traffic will soon be back to normal, creating happier and safer clients and employees.

Another option that you have is paving on off-hours such as nights and weekends when traffic on your lot and the surrounding area isn’t as heavy. This option is often more budget-friendly as well.

If neither of these options is practical, commercial property managers can use street parking or other solutions off-site to keep things moving smoothly. With the appropriate signage and safety barriers, you can shut down your lot for your asphalt services while keeping your people safe and informed. Although this is not a long-term solution, it can help alleviate the hassle of multi-phase paving.

Dry and Curing Time

Once the commercial paving is completed, the only thing keeping you from reopening your commercial lot is the time it takes to dry the asphalt properly. Be aware, curing and drying are not the same things. Asphalt usually takes about 2-3 days in warm, sunny conditions to dry enough to drive on.

Curing, however, can take about 30 days. That 30-day curing marker is where the pavement is in the best condition to be sealed. Especially for commercial lots, sealcoating is non-negotiable due to traffic and daily wear and tear. While you can still use your lot during the curing time, you need to be prepared to have more downtime when the asphalt sealer is applied.

Planning Your Repaving Project

Before you begin any asphalt repaving project, it is imperative that you work with an experienced contractor you can trust. No two paving projects are alike, especially when it comes to commercial properties. At Cassidy Paving, we understand the unique concerns of business owners and what it means to have to shut down your parking lot for any amount of time. We can work with you on a solution that doesn’t affect your bottom line. Give our team a call today at 866-978-9788 to get a free estimate and answer your repaving questions.

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