When is The Best Time to Pave a Parking Lot?

June, 20, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Do you know the best time of the year to pave a parking lot? Most people don’t. The Cassidy Paving team would like to give you a hint: the warmer the better. Although the blistering Massachusetts summer may seem like the last time of the year you would want to be outside for long periods, it is absolutely the best time for asphalt pavement. Here are some reasons why your parking lot would fare better being paved right now in the summer months.

Why is Heat Superior?

It may seem peculiar at first that the scorching summer sun would be the best weather for your asphalt pavement, but let us explain why. Asphalt needs warm weather in order to cure and compact properly. Without the proper compaction, your parking lot will be more susceptible to lifting, cracking, and subbase deterioration. Cornell University suggests that paving not even start until the outside air temperature is at least 50 degrees during the day and no lower than 45 degrees at night. Your pavement temperature will be to optimally reach above 70 degrees, but no higher than 130 degrees. Therefore, if you’re looking to pave your parking lot, let’s set up a time in spring or summer to do so. READ MORE: The Best Time of the Year to Pave

Extended Daylight

Another positive about summertime is that it gives our team the ability to work longer days. We are often thankful for the extended daylight hours to get jobs done. While the average parking lot job could take up to two weeks in any given month, the extended daylight hours can potentially cut those time estimates in half. In the month of June, we can expect a sunset around 8:26 p.m. in Woburn. The sun starts rising around 5:00 a.m. during this time of year, which makes for a long and productive workday for our parking lot jobs. Let’s make the most out of this prime asphalt paving time!

Easier on the Budget

Because of the temperatures and longer daylight hours of the summer months, Cassidy Paving’s experienced team can usually get more work done in one day than it would be in a week’s worth of winter work combined. The weather is also optimal for working conditions. When we are able to dedicate uninterrupted time to your project, we can get it done quicker. Quicker jobs mean lower costs and those savings are directly passed down to you, the customer. It is a win for all involved. We know you want to always keep your bottom line in mind when it comes to parking lot upgrades, repairs, and replacements. With the right planning, we can get the most out of your investment during the summertime.

Parking Lot Experts

Our team at Cassidy Paving has over 108 years of combined asphalt paving experience and we have numerous happy parking lot customers across Massachusetts. If you’re looking for the best in the business, look no further. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 to get a free quote for your parking lot project. READ MORE: Four Things to Consider When Selecting a Parking Lot Location
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