What to Do if you Need Sports Court Installation and Paving

February, 28, 2022 By CASSIDY PAVING 2 min read
Newly paved tennis court

If you’re a property or facility manager of any kind, keeping your sports court paving updated is essential. Not only does this ensure safety and allow those who use it to have fun, but it also adds a great deal of value to your property. Cassidy Paving offers sport court installation and paving for the following types of properties:

Working with an industrial paving company can add excellent amenities to any property. This gives tenants more reason to move into your property or community, and stay there for years to come.

What to Know About Sports Court Paving

What Kind of Sports Court Is Right for My Property?

There are several options to look into when choosing the right sports court for you, your family, your tenants, or your employees. Of course, you’ll want to have a budget in mind. You’ll also need to understand how much space you have and what you really desire for your property.

Cassidy Paving offers the following sports court installation:

  • Basketball courts
  • Pickleball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Street hockey
  • And other paved recreational surfaces

Cassidy Paving has and will install any type of sports court to fit your vision. Having the equipment and expertise is essential during sports court installation so that you get the exact results you desire. Finding the right commercial paving contractor is the first step to ensuring you love the finished product of your sports court.

The Cassidy Paving Process

Once you have decided on what type of sports court you want, we will work with you to get everything up and running so that all are able to enjoy the new addition.

We take the following steps during sports court installation:

  • Install and grade gravel to provide a level area with minimal pitch.
  • Asphalt pavement is installed, along with nets, hoops, fencing, and benches (fixtures/items needed will depend on the type of sports court being considered).
  • Surface paint and lines are then installed to complete the court installation process.

Painting is also an important part of the process. Cassidy Paving will use multiple color paints and lines for different layouts and surfaces to accommodate many different courts on the same dimensional footprint.

Even in colder climates, we are able to install certain types of courts, such as an outdoor hockey rink.

Call Cassidy Paving

Especially as we move into spring, it’s essential to think about sports court installation. Imagine having these amenities at your commercial property, HOA, home, or school. With Cassidy Paving, you will work with the most experienced people in the business and get the sports court you desire that will last for decades with the right maintenance and installation process. Contact Cassidy Paving today!

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