What to Do About Holes in Your Parking Lot in the Winter

February, 13, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read

How to Handle Potholes in a Commercial Lot

Although you may not realize it, your asphalt parking lot goes through a lot of changes in the New England winter. The freeze-thaw cycle is especially difficult on porous materials like asphalt.

Water can get trapped beneath the surface and begin to push its way out once it freezes, causing holes and cracks. Cassidy Paving sees a number of customers that have complaints of asphalt potholes once the snow melts and sometimes they need to be fixed before the spring thaw.

You don’t have to wait until springtime to address every problem with your parking lot. Here is what you should do if you notice an increase in potholes as the winter wears on.

Get Temporary Patching

You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to do something about the holes in your parking lot. If the deterioration makes it hard to access your lot or poses a danger to those using it, you should get cold mix patching.

Another big reason to address this issue now is that leaving them increases your liability as a property owner. Even though a short-term solution, patching can help save you stress and money in the long run. Since cold mix doesn’t require heating, you can use it even in freezing temperatures.

Our crew can give you a temporary but immediate fix. This is usually a very quick repair, and it targets the troubled areas without doing an extensive overhaul. However, as soon as the snow melts and the temperatures rise, you will want to find a long-term solution.

Get an Early Estimate

Once your temporary patches are in place you can go ahead and get an estimate on the more permanent solutions that can be done once the ground temperatures are above freezing.

Asphalt repair companies can typically provide you with a complete estimate during the winter. In fact, it is recommended to request an estimate during the colder temperatures. Doing so will allow you to beat the springtime rush for service.

Just like other parking lot repair companies, we see an increase in service requests as the temperatures warm up. Calling sooner can give you an idea of what to expect cost-wise and puts you on the priority list when asphalt parking lot repair begins in the spring.

Book a Service

If you’ve found yourself avoiding an increasing number of potholes or seeing holes that are continuing to grow in size, you should call an asphalt maintenance company as soon as possible. Cassidy Paving offers free estimates regardless of the time of year.

We can do a complete inspection and give you a detailed list of recommended asphalt parking lot maintenance. Since you have to continue to work throughout the year, your commercial asphalt paving should be available for year-round use as well.

Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 to book a service or get a free estimate. From our new location in Haverhill, we are now able to provide exceptional asphalt paving services to a larger area in New England. Even if you used us before, we want to show why our 108 years of combined experience is unmatched by other asphalt repair services.

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