What Repairs to Look for on Your Newly Acquired Asphalt Parking Lot

May, 20, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Paving a parking lot for drainage
If you’ve recently acquired a new building, it is essential to look over the condition of your parking lot paving. If it isn’t new construction, chances are the previous owners have done repairs on the lot. Some of these repairs may be more obvious to spot than others, but it is still critical to evaluate the overall asphalt parking lot for anything out of the ordinary. You want to understand the overall health of your asphalt and prepare yourself for any immediate repairs that will need to be addressed. Here are the most common types of repairs you will see on asphalt parking lots across New England.


There are two things to consider when you see a crack in your parking lot. The first is determining if this is an isolated incident. Take a look at where the cracks are located on the asphalt. Is it near the edge of the lot or in the center? Also, what pattern is the crack? The other thing to keep in mind is if you see areas of crack filling throughout the space. These can be obvious because there are strips of asphalt that look darker than the rest of the lot. An asphalt paving contractor probably applied those to treat cracks. Suppose you see a large number of these areas in your pavement. In that case, that may be an indication of worse damage below the surface, and you should call in a professional immediately for an evaluation of the entire asphalt lot. Cracks can be severe if left untreated, so make sure to save yourself a headache down the road by figuring out the issues ahead of time.

Defects and Deformation

When looking over your asphalt parking lot, it is wise to note anything that looks off in any way. For example, you may see one area of the lot crumbling or asphalt flaking while the rest looks fine. Although it may not seem like a big deal to the untrained eye, these defects or deformities can mean something is wrong with how the asphalt was initially applied. If not done correctly the first time, your parking lot will require asphalt services well before you would expect. Some defects and deformation indicative of needed repairs are: Any of these or combination of them will cause issues for you down the line. They may even increase your liability due to unsafe driving conditions and uneven walkways for pedestrians accessing your lot.

Need Asphalt Guidance?

If you’ve recently acquired property that includes a parking lot, the experts at Cassidy Paving recommend you have it evaluated before your customers and employees need to use it. Our team can determine the condition of the parking lot before your move. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 to start the process. It is better to call us out to assess the situation of your asphalt now for parking lot maintenance services than to ignore it until it becomes a major issue resulting in a large repaving project.
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