What Repairs Should I Make in Our Church Parking Lot Before Christmas?

October, 17, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Newly paved Church parking lot in New England

No matter the size of your congregation, you can expect to see the largest crowds of the year around Christmas time. Accommodating these crowds can be a challenge for many reasons, especially if your property isn’t in optimal shape. Your church’s parking lot is of particular importance here, since it will likely fill up for Christmas services -- if your lot is in disrepair, congregants may feel discouraged when attempting to attend services (no one wants a flat tire on Christmas, after all). Additionally, a beaten up parking lot increases the risk of slips, trips, and falls. So, if you want to provide your people with safe and joyous services this holiday season, some parking lot repairs may be in order.

Let’s detail some important asphalt repairs you might want to make in your church parking lot prior to the Christmas rush.

How to Prepare Your Church for Winter

Asphalt Crack Repair

Cracks are commonly found on asphalt surfaces. The presence of small cracks doesn’t typically call for immediate action -- that said, the tiniest fractures can evolve into deep cracks and fan out over time, especially if you neglect regular parking lot maintenance. Keep in mind that winter weather is particularly harsh on asphalt, too. Snow can seep into even the smallest cracks in your parking lot and exacerbate this issue. Knowing this, it’s prudent to patch those cracks in your parking lot while they’re still manageable.

Parking Lot Drain Rebuilding

There’s more to parking lot repair than just filling cracks, of course. Parking lots must be equipped with an efficient drainage system to prevent water from building up and causing harm. It’s vital to inspect, repair, and optimize your church parking lot drainage system before winter so it’s ready to endure significant amounts of snow and ice. More specifically, you’ll want to resolve these problems before Christmas services. Otherwise, churchgoers might face puddles, black ice, and other water-related hazards as they attempt to enter the building from the parking lot.

Asphalt Berm Repair

If your church’s parking lot features berms (another word for curbs), it’s worth inspecting them for damage as well. Since these curbs merely outline your entire parking lot, they might seem like afterthoughts -- on the contrary, asphalt berms protect your landscape from vehicles, keep mud, dirt, and debris off of your parking lot, and aid in water diversion and drainage. If your curbs are in poor shape, then, the rest of your parking lot and landscape may suffer. Do your congregants and property a favor this holiday season by investing in any necessary curb repairs in time for Christmas.

Asphalt Pothole and Trench Repair

The aforementioned drainage problems (along with regular pressure from vehicles) can eventually create potholes and trenches, depressions in your parking lot that can damage tires, allow water to pool, and create significant tripping hazards for pedestrians. In other words, potholes are worse than mere eyesores -- they’re serious liabilities that require your urgent attention. Before your church gets really busy this holiday season, you’ll want to invest in asphalt pavement repair to fill any and all potholes and trenches scarring your parking lot. In doing so, you’ll provide your congregation with a smooth and safe surface for vehicles and foot traffic alike.

A “Lot” to Work on This Christmas

Maintaining a sturdy and beautiful parking lot is just one of many ways to keep your congregation happy, healthy, and safe this holiday season and year-round. If you’re looking for a reliable asphalt parking lot repair provider in the New England area, look no further than Cassidy Paving. Our asphalt repair services include drain rebuilding, pothole and trench repair, berm repair and installation, and more. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next office parking lot project.

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