What Kind of Asphalt Filler Is Best for Cold Climates?

November, 16, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Asphalt filler in a pothole

If you’ve experienced even a single winter in New England, you’re probably somewhat familiar with the effects of winter weather on various surfaces, including asphalt. After a particularly bitter winter, you can expect to see parking lots and driveways filled with cracks and potholes just waiting to be re-paved by asphalt paving contractors once it’s warm enough. Of course, completely coating a damaged asphalt surface with fresh asphalt can be a costly proposition -- unless the damage is beyond repair, it’s usually more practical to simply fill cracks and potholes with quality filler products. Plus, when it’s cold outside, you’ll have no choice but to invest in solutions that can be applied despite the low temperatures. With that in mind, let’s go over some of the best asphalt filler options for those living in colder climates.

Best Asphalt Filler for Cold Climates

Elastomeric Crack Fillers

Asphalt crack fillers can be composed of a variety of materials. The best option for your pavement will depend on your climate. Elastomeric emulsion fillers offer a versatile asphalt crack repair solution. Not only can this asphalt-based material be applied year-round -- its inclusion of rubber polymer allows the material to endure an extreme range of temperatures and resist moisture intrusion. In colder climates, you’ll want to fill your asphalt’s cracks and potholes with something flexible and durable like this since temperature fluctuations can cause asphalt to contract and expand.

Aquaphalt Cold Patches

When ground temperatures drop significantly during winter, asphalt services are temporarily unable to apply hot-mix asphalt, whether the intention is to simply fill cracks or re-pave an entire surface. Fortunately, cracks and holes can still be filled for the time being with cold patches. A cold patch is a non-permanent, water-based, pre-mixed concrete filler that requires minimal preparation and quickly sets even in cold conditions. The Aquaphalt 6.0 Black Water-Based Asphalt and Concrete Patch is one of the best-reviewed and more eco-friendly cold patch options available, offering easy application, zero solvents, quick setting, and more.

Quikrete High Performance Blacktop Repair

While most asphalt cold patches offer temporary solutions, Quickrete’s High Performance Blacktop Repair is an all-season permanent repair solution for driveways, walkways, and parking lots. This product is designed for sealing slightly larger cracks and potholes in both wet and dry conditions. Once applied and set, the repaired area can be used immediately, so facility managers don’t have to worry about extensive downtime. Quickrete Blacktop Repair also remains pliable when applied in cold conditions. And while this asphalt pothole filler offers high-quality performance and lasting results, it’s also relatively affordable, making it highly valuable for those dealing with cold climates.

The Verdict

As you research various asphalt crack and pothole fillers for cold climates, you’ll come across countless options that may suit your needs and fit your budget. Generally speaking, the best patch and filler solutions for these purposes are cold-applied and water-based. Elastomeric fillers can also do the trick regardless of the season or temperature. It’s a good idea to consult professionals when it comes to any type of asphalt maintenance so you can choose products with confidence and receive expert care and attention when needed.

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