What Environmental Factors Do We Deal With in the Winter?

December, 02, 2020 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
When it comes to asphalt paving in Massachusetts, the climate has a lot to do with the success of our work. Cassidy Paving understands the variety of environmental factors that come into play during a New England winter. The cold weather does not make it easy on asphalt paving, though. Here are the top things we deal with in winter and how we must work around them to have the most durable paving.

How Winter Weather Affects Paving


The freezing temperatures in Massachusetts mean that new asphalt pavement will have a difficult time curing and compacting. The ground temperatures when near or below freezing make compaction of asphalt extremely difficult. This is why most asphalt contractors prefer to do large jobs in the springtime once everything has thawed out. It is imperative that asphalt compacted properly and this usually cannot be done in the winter. Technically speaking, Pavement Interactive compaction is “the process by which the volume of air in an HMA mixture is reduced by using external forces to reorient the constituent aggregate particles into a more closely spaced arrangement”. Compaction is the biggest factor in determining whether or not pavement will be successful over long periods of time.

Freeze/Thaw Cycle

The freeze and thaw cycle that pavement goes through is another factor that asphalt pavement must contend with during the winter. Just like most porous materials in the wintertime, asphalt will expand and contract with the fluctuations in the weather. When water freezes, it expands. Therefore, if you have any potholes or cracks, you can be certain that once the freezing temperatures come they will only get worse. Pothole.info describes what happens when this cycle occurs, “expansion-contraction cycles undermine this supporting structure, culminating in a frozen-water bubble that pushes pavement up from below”. Cassidy Paving suggests taking care of any repairs in your asphalt prior to winter to avoid the havoc that the freeze/thaw cycle can have on your sidewalks, parking lots, or driveways.

Excessive Snow

In Massachusetts, snow is one thing that we just cannot avoid. It is inevitable as a factor in the maintenance and repair of asphalt pavement. Snow makes everything from driving on your blacktop to repairing it more difficult than any other time of the year. If you are a business owner, snow can be more than just a nuisance to your blacktop; it can affect your bottom line as well. The best advice our professionals have for maintaining your asphalt in the snow is to have a removal plan far ahead of the first snowfall. Businesses specifically should research commercial snow removal from a local and reputable company like Cassidy Paving. Having snow removed in a timely manner will help you keep your business in motion regardless of the winter weather.

Avoid Winter Mistakes

If you are concerned that your asphalt won’t make it to springtime intact, we can help. Cassidy Paving’s expert crew can help you make repairs that last through the freeze/thaw cycle and feet of snow that are sure to come this year. Give us a call today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate.
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