What Asphalt Repairs to Consider when Employees Are Gone for the Holiday Break

December, 16, 2021 By CASSIDY PAVING 3 min read
Snowy parking lot in New England

Holiday breaks are advantageous to your business in more ways than one. Not only could everyone use an extended break now and again, but temporarily shutting down operations also gives you the opportunity to invest in certain renovations. During the rest of the year, your business’ parking lot may be regularly occupied, making it difficult to oversee maintenance and asphalt repairs. During the holiday break, however, your lot might be utterly empty. While the cold New England weather won’t allow you to tackle full-on parking lot paving until spring, you can still take care of various repairs while people are away. Here are a few asphalt repairs to consider while your employees are gone for the holiday break.

Asphalt Repairs for When Employees Are Gone

Filling Cracks in Your Pavement

No matter what you do, you’ll eventually encounter some cracking in your asphalt surfaces. While minor cracks aren’t an immediate cause for concern, they do open the door for more significant issues down the road. Moisture and debris will make their way into any crevices they can find and contribute to further deterioration. The sooner you tackle asphalt crack repair after seeing these signs, the better off your parking lot will be. Fortunately, filling these cracks is often easily done and not all that time consuming. If you’re looking for the best results, however, it’s best to leave even this task to the professionals. Asphalt experts will use the best materials and methods for filling all the cracks in your asphalt so your parking lot is even and sturdy in time for your people to return.

Patching Parking Lot Potholes

As mentioned above, those small openings can eventually turn into deep cracks and potholes if you fall behind on parking lot maintenance. Now that the winter weather has set in, you might worry that it’s too cold to amend these deeper issues. The good news is that you can still eliminate potholes despite the cold air -- just know that you'll be relegated to cold patching, which is an effective but merely temporary solution. Also, regardless of the outdoor temperature, your asphalt must be completely dry before attempting this project. So, choose a day with no chance of snowing for cold patching, and make sure all snow and ice are removed from your parking lot well in advance.

Berm and Curb Repair/Installation

If your parking lot’s curbs and/or berms are lacking, the holiday break might be the perfect time to repair or install them in preparation for the new year. Though these features might seem mostly cosmetic, they’re actually functional in more ways than one. First, sturdy curbs help prevent vehicles from driving over ledges onto grass and other surfaces. Moreover, berms and curbs help divert water runoff after precipitation, mitigating the formation of pools and puddles on your parking lot’s surfaces. The time it takes to install or fix these features varies, but it’s much easier to get the job done when there are few (if any) vehicles or pedestrians around. So, it only makes sense to approach this project during such a break.

Give Your Employees a “Lot” to Look Forward to!

No matter how long your holiday break is, you’re bound to have some amount of time with a clear parking lot. If you’ve been putting off hiring asphalt services for a while, there’s no better time to catch up on parking lot repairs than the holiday break! At Cassidy Paving, we work year round to meet our clients’ various asphalt needs. Call us today at 866-978-9788 for a free estimate on your next asphalt project.

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